Why Negative Thoughts Come In Mind

Why Negative Thoughts Come In Mind And How To Get Rid Of Them

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Negative thoughts might come to mind when people are going through stress, anxiety, or depression. These issues are a result of the interaction between us and the world around us. We can’t change the world. But we can change how it affects us. So, making some small positive adjustments to yourself is the first step to getting rid of negative thoughts. 

Are you wondering what sort of adjustments you need to make? No worries. This article will guide you through the whole process. Keep reading to learn more on how you can get rid of your negative thoughts.

Why Do Negative Thoughts Come To Mind?

Negative thinking generally stems from depression. When we are depressed, we fail to see all the positive aspects of life. And most importantly the positive aspects in ourselves. And you cannot think of nice things when your mind is cluttered with depression.

But, you can’t really stop thinking can you. That’s just how our minds work. The problem is, at that moment all the thoughts we are capable of having are negative ones.  

You can be depressed due to a number of reasons. Some of the most common ones are – 

  • Sleeping deprivation or insomnia
  • Stress
  • Sickness
  • Hunger or insufficient diet
  • Work pressure
  • Fear of losing anyone
  • Failure or rejection

How To Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts?

First, you have to find out the reason behind your negative thinking. There can be many reasons, like stress, rejection, illness, failures, hunger, etc. After identifying why negative thoughts keep coming into your mind, you can follow these methods to get rid of them.

Observe When You Have Negative Thoughts

Thinking is a constant part of the human mind. It can be both positive and negative. But to control the negative thoughts, observe when you are getting it and keep yourself busy at that time. For example, most people have bad or negative thoughts at midnight when they are not distracted and have their thoughts to themselves.

So, observe when you are most depressed and try to keep yourself busy to avoid having negative thoughts in your mind during that specific time. Committing to a few minutes of pondering as well as evaluating bad thoughts over and over is a counterintuitive method for gaining a grip over negative thinking.

Keep Positive Companies

There is nothing that cannot be solved by talking. All you need to do is to find the right person to consult with. Keep positive companies who understand you, actually support you, and help you when you are not okay. A friend who really understands you is important. Sharing your problems with the right person can solve half of your problems right away.

So if negative thoughts are hunting you, you can take help from them and try to figure out what really can help you get rid of this situation. In case you don’t have any friends like that, you can take professional help as well.

Keep Yourself Busy With The Things You Like

Another effective method you can try is keeping yourself busy doing your favorite things. You can develop new skills as well. It will divert your mind for a while. Also, you will feel confident and happy about yourself.

Instead of thinking of it as “conquering” destructive mental patterns, try “forming” better habits. You achieve this by focusing on areas you already feel optimistic about.

Try to start with something simple. That could be something as simple as taking care of your pet, coloring your nails, going outdoors, or going on vacation. Put yourself first before anything else and pamper yourself. Charity and motivational work can also boost your positivity to a great extent.

Ignore Watching The News

If you are trying to get rid of negative thinking, ignore watching the news, mainly if it contains sensitive news. According to research, only two minutes of unpleasant morning news increases your odds of having a horrible time throughout the day.

Instead, maybe go on YouTube and start your day by watching some funny and cute animal videos. That should cheer you up and bring some positive energy to tackle the day.

You are better off staying oblivious to all the horrible things going around. Especially in the fragile state you are in right now.

Appreciate And Celebrate Your Little Successes

If you practice a short 15-minute session of appreciating yourself regularly in the morning, it can do wonders for your mental health. You can make a list or regular evaluation of the growth in your life. It doesn’t matter how simple or major it is. Celebrate every little success to boost your spirit. Set goals and track your actions towards them.

Negativity fades if you know what you really want and work for it every day. It entails meditating and focusing on the person you desire to be as well as the type of lifestyle you wish to live every morning when you wake up. You also pick a few key objectives to retain your enthusiasm going in the direction of your goals.

Help Yourself

Most of the time, we are harsh on ourselves. Whenever you have negative thoughts about yourself, let them go. Don’t beat yourself up every time you fail to do something.

Observe when you are having negative thoughts. Reframing will be possible if you are aware of the situation. Imagine what your closest friend might say to you when you are being harsh on yourself. Then say exactly what you need to hear yourself. You’d be surprised how well positive affirmations can work.

Keep A Diary

Keeping a diary is always a good idea. If any negative thoughts come to mind, start writing them down on paper. It helps to keep your mind busy. The more you focus on writing, the more you lose sight of your thinking. So, try writing them down when any negative thoughts come to your mind right away.

Make a list of the reasons why and when you encounter negative thinking. This allows you to get to the root of the issue and find out your triggers. You can later work on them to rid yourself of negative thoughts.

Exercise Regularly And Try Meditation

Doing mind-body exercises can do wonders. Advanced fitness enthusiasts have done these for years by participating in intenSati, a game-changing mind-body exercise that teaches you to think happy thoughts.

You can’t get rid of bad ideas without interrupting them physically. You have to get inside your body to get the thoughts out of your mind. Those thought patterns can be disrupted within a few minutes of intentional breathing work (sitting for 10-15 minutes in meditation) or bodily movements (yoga session). The more you exercise, the more easily it gets out of your brain.


Now you know why negative thoughts come in mind. We, humans, are the roughest on ourselves, which is not always a good thing. Modern human society is so complex that it is easy to lose yourself in all the complexity and fall into a dark pit of depression.

But, with the right changes to your character, and interactions with the world, you can definitely climb out of that dark pit and bring some positivity to your life.