Where I Can Find Happiness

Where I Can Find Happiness- 10 Simple Ways!

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Where I Can Find Happiness

All of us, at some point in our lives, have wondered “where I can find happiness”. In search of happiness, we often make our lives complicated. However, finding happiness is not as hard as you think. You just have to be aware of it to see all the happiness around you.

It is the simple things of our everyday life that can truly make us happy. Some feel content with a good night’s sleep, some might feel bliss in helping others, and some may find happiness in a healthy relationship. 

In this article, I will talk about some simple ways to become happy. Once you become aware of these simple methods to be happy, you will start to feel happier than ever before. But before that, let us know why people in modern times feel so unhappy these days.

Why Is It So Easy to Be Unhappy?

In this modern era, human life has become too fast and competitive. People always compare each other based on their wealth, beauty, and lifestyle. As a result, they feel a void that they always try to fill up. They forget that genuine happiness cannot be achieved through materialistic things.

Social media is the biggest reason people are becoming more competitive with each other these days. It constantly reminds us of others’ achievements and our shortcomings. Thus, we become frustrated and unhappy with our life.

But we must not forget that true happiness comes from self-love and positive thinking. We cannot achieve it through materialistic things; rather, it has to be felt through human emotions.

10 Simple Ways To Find Happiness In Your Life

To find happiness in your life, first, you have to be determined to be happy. Tell your mind that you are ready to move on in your life. Here are a few steps you can take to find happiness in your life: 

1. Surround Yourself with Positive People

Many studies have found that people around you can influence how you feel. So you have to spend time with people who are happy and positive about life. Their energy will positively affect your life. 

People who have a negative mindset tend to berate others. They see life as a competition. Consciously or unconsciously, they try to make others measurable. Hence, it is important for you to avoid people like this. Instead, find people you like to be with and make you feel good about yourself.

2. Have A Good Night’s Sleep

When you do not have a sufficient amount of sleep during the night, you will feel irritated and tired the whole day. Thus, you cannot concentrate on your work. Overall, the lack of sleep hampers your productivity, which makes you feel unhappy. Scientists claim that a person with sufficient sleep is happier than a person with a lack of sleep.

Everyone has a natural sleep cycle. Sleeping at least 6 to 8 hours is necessary to maintain good physical and mental health. Modern devices often disrupt our natural sleep cycle. So, you should minimize the use of these smart devices to ensure a good night’s sleep.

 3. Develop A Positive Outlook About Life

We often feel unhappy thinking about what we do not have in our life. To feel happy, you must get rid of these negative thoughts. Instead, focus on the positive aspects of your life. Most of the time, people focus on the negative events of life. They do not try to see the silver lining. 

For example, you may get fired from a job. Then you may become depressed, questioning your self-worth. But you have to think in a positive light. The job was most likely not for you. You can also take it as a lesson and avoid making the same mistakes in your future jobs. 

4. Imagine A Good Future

You must have a positive image of your future. Many people feel anxious thinking about the future. Some people even avoid thinking about their future life. This is one of the reasons for them to feel doomed and uncertain about life. 

But you have to train your mind to think about the future in a positive light. Tell your mind that the future holds greater things for you. Besides, future events depend on your actions. Thus, your future is not actually that unpredictable. Besides, there is no point in feeling anxious about the events that have not taken place yet. 

5. Set Your Goals And Work For It

Having a purpose in life is really important to feel optimistic and happy. Your purpose in life is the ultimate happiness for you. So, to achieve that happiness, you must make a plan. When you have plans to reach your goals, you feel in control. You will not feel lost anymore. 

But only having a dream is not enough. You have to follow your plan. Otherwise, you will constantly feel the guilt of not completing your work and end up canceling the entire plan. Divide your main objective into smaller goals and work every day to achieve them. You will feel content when you complete them and feel more optimistic about life. 

6. Do What Makes You Happy

You should find a profession that makes you happy. The job may not bring you a lot of money, but it should give you mental satisfaction. Doing things that are not pleasurable causes you stress. So, it is better to avoid such jobs even if they offer good money. 

It might not be possible to do your favorite activities every day. But try to find some time for them. Suppose you like painting, or you like to play the guitar. It might not be possible for you to do that every day. But your favorite activities positively affect your mind. So, make time to do your favorite activities once in a while. 

7. Try To Spending More Time Close To Nature 

Human happiness has a close connection with nature. Maybe this is because of our genes, and also that nature has a healing and calming effect on our minds. It relieves stress and makes you feel refreshed. Hence, you must spend at least a few minutes close to nature. So, if you have any natural spots near you, spend some time there.

You can also experiment with gardening and create your own green space in your yard or on your rooftop. Working in the garden daily has positive effects too. When the flowers bloom or the plants bear fruits and vegetables, you will feel content.

8. Help Others In Need

Helping others can dramatically boost your brain with dopamine. Like you, others are also in search of happiness. When you assist others to find their happiness, you will also become happy.

So, help your family, friends, and relatives whenever you can. For example, you can take care of your sister’s kids when she is out for important business, or you can take the elderly member of your family to the hospital for checkups. Besides, you can donate your blood to blood banks and donate money for good causes. 

9. Make Time for Self-care 

Self-care is necessary for your mental and physical wellbeing. Set a specific time of your day for taking care of yourself. During that time, you can listen to music, read books, do some exercise, do yoga or have a cup of coffee in a relaxing environment. 

Journaling every day is also a great way to relax your mind. It will help you declutter your brain and think clearly. It can be a gratitude journal where you list all the good things in your life. You may also write your negative thoughts in a journal to get them out of your mind. 

10. Stop Comparing Your Life with Others

These days, many people are unhappy because they compare their lives with others. Social media is one of the biggest factors behind these thoughts. Every day, people post about their achievements, love life, wealth, and vacations. It might make you feel like you’re falling behind.

Consequently, you will feel a sense of emptiness and frustration. Instead of focusing on the achievements of others, you should put your mind to achieving your goals. Appreciate what you have and think about what you can have with hard work. Cutting off social media and the internet will also help you in this situation.


A lot of us often wonder, “Where i can find happiness?” I hope this article was able to give you some ideas.As you can see, there are many simple ways to have your daily dose of happiness.

You just have to think more positively and appreciate your life more to be genuinely happy.