What Is My Life Purpose

What Is My Life Purpose? An Explicit Guide to Find Your Goal

What Is My Life Purpose

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A great career, a supportive family, and a robust social network might appear to be the ideal prescription for a happy existence. But even after having all of these things, you might feel empty. You may often find yourself wondering, “What is my life purpose?” Well, if that’s the case, don’t worry. This article will guide you to find your life purpose.

Your life purpose means the ultimate goal of your life that motivates you to live. You can find your life purpose if you stop paying heed to what others think of you, and start acknowledging your needs and desires. Once you discover your genuine passions and yourself, you will find your life purpose.

However, it is not as simple as it sounds. Although having a purpose in life comes with tons of benefits, finding it is quite a difficult task. So, in this article, I will discuss how you might find your life purpose, along with some other information that you might find helpful.

Why Is It Difficult to Find Your Life’s Purpose?

Seeking validation and justification from others, low self-esteem, societal influence, etc., make it very difficult to find one’s purpose in life. The following are some of the reasons why it might be difficult to find your life’s purpose:

  • People Seek Justification and Approval from Others

Most people look to others for validation and approval. And, while seeking external approval, they pay little heed to their own thoughts.

To know exactly what we want out of life, we must learn to hear our inner voice. When we don’t pay attention to our thoughts and instead focus on how others may see us, we leave little room for ourselves to discover our life’s purpose.

  • Lack of Knowledge of the Options

A majority of what people consider as an option is based on their perception of what might be conceivable. It is difficult to determine the right course of action if you don’t even recognize the options.

Well, most people don’t recognize that there are several possibilities available, which may not be precisely what society led them to believe. So, they try to blend into a pre-existing model rather than finding their purpose in life.

  • Low Self-esteem

The journey to self-discovery might be incredibly challenging to people who lack self-love. If you have low self-esteem, you won’t dare to think out of the box. It will eventually lead you to a life without any purpose.

  • Criticism

Your family, for example, might have always made comparisons between you and your siblings, friends, or other classmates. Furthermore, your teachers might inform you that all your classmates were smarter than you. Or, perhaps your supervisor has been keen to point out your mistakes while expressing almost no recognition regarding your efforts.

All these negative comments that we get in our life might make it difficult to be authentic to ourselves. As a result, people start comparing themselves to others and continuously condemn themselves. Due to the criticisms, we get nervous and anxious about making any decisions on our own. So, eventually, we end up without any life purpose.

  • Fear of Failure

Sometimes people don’t even start doing something because they think they will fail. By staying in constant fear of failure, they set a limit to their dreams and goals.

And, thus, they don’t even get the chance to know their worth or potential. This fear makes it hard to find your purpose in life.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Life Purpose?

Having a life purpose helps people to remain focused, enables them to live a value-based life, as well as aids them in living a long and healthy life. The following are some of the benefits of having a life purpose:

  • Development of Constant Motivation Despite Hardship

It is difficult to navigate life alone. Life is full of frustrations and disappointments. A lot of the nonsense we must go through in our daily lives that are not in our hands.

It might be the corrupt government or even your arrogant coworkers with whom you must spend seven to eight hours each day. It can be exhausting to have to deal with all this day after day. In this dark and monotonous life, however, a life purpose would function as a beacon of hope.

Well, purpose can assist you in overcoming difficulties. It will help you stay on track, concentrate on what matters to you, as well as help you to start enjoying life as you get to select your challenges.

So, if you are aware of your life purpose, you will have a unique viewpoint on adversities. This might require some time for some of you to understand that you must occasionally face some difficulties since there is no other option.

However, you may utilize your life purpose to help you through your bad times. Even if everything else breaks apart, the purpose would be the source of support that allows you to reassemble your life.

Individuals with a good sense of purpose are capable of coping with life’s challenges. Purpose can act as a mental barrier against adversity, therefore someone with purpose in life might be content with their lives even when they are having a bad day.

  • Assists You in Staying Focused & Goal-oriented

Knowing your purpose in life makes it very easy to concentrate on the things that are most important to you. You can identify your route and avoid distractions if you put your attention on one specific aim.

Furthermore, it can assist you in discovering your actual passion, which will serve as a powerful motivator for you to accomplish something exceptional. Be it a teenage ambition or a change of lifestyle, your enthusiasm will drive you to achieve your objectives.

  • Enables You to Live a Life Focused on Value and Integrity

Values are no doubt an important part of a human’s life, and they go hand in hand alongside purpose. Values are the guiding principles that influence our life decisions and aid us in identifying our objectives. They inform us whether we are on the correct track or not. Furthermore, they enable us to discover and engage with people who reflect our worldview.

Moreover, understanding your life’s purpose allows you to live with honesty. People that understand their life’s purpose are aware of themselves, their work, and their way to do something. It is also quite simple to lead a life that is indeed genuine to your basic ideals once you recognize yourself.

So, when someone knows their purpose in life, it becomes easy for them to lead a value-based life with integrity.

  • Boosts Your Confidence

Each morning, the purpose will give you the motive to wake up and carry on. It inspires you, gives you clarity, sharpens your focus, and reawakens your passion. Well, this might take you from your personal bubble and possibly frighten you a little. However, it will eventually give you confidence and make you feel happy and alive.

Realizing the thing we want takes a lot of the uncertainties away. So, if you have a life purpose, you will be able to make your decisions confidently and without any hesitations.

  • Long & Healthy Life

Yes, a life purpose can indeed help you live longer and healthier. In a study of nearly 73 thousand Japanese males and females, researchers discovered that people who felt strongly connected to their life’s purpose lived much longer than others who did not.

Well, your overall immune response is strengthened when you have a sense of purpose. People who have a strong life purpose have lower risks of developing heart disease or developing an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Furthermore, having a purpose in life can also potentially reduce one’s chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

So, a life purpose not only helps to enhance your mental health but also improves your physical health. Thus, it allows you to lead a long and healthy life.

9 Things to Keep in Mind While Finding Your Life Purpose

It can be hard to keep on your track when you are trying to find any meaning to your life. And sometimes you might even get lost in that search. So, here are 9 things you should keep in mind when trying to find your life’s purpose.

1. Any solvable difficulty or scenario pales in comparison to your life’s purpose

Your purpose in life cannot be to solve a specific problem or to be focused on a situation that may or may not continue. Otherwise, the purpose may end at some point even when you are still living. So, after the completion of the task, your existence will be meaningless.

Some people, for instance, may feel that discovering a cancer cure is their main goal in life. Well, discovering the cure may encapsulate their life goal and become a significant milestone on their path. However, you have to keep in mind that the purpose of life is larger and more expensive than cancer.

Being a physician or a teacher is similar. No one has come into this world to become a physician or a teacher, but they may find their life meaning in that field. But since life conditions and chances evolve, it is critical to understand the distinction between your purpose in life and possibilities that help you achieve it.

2. Make use of your talents

We can’t possibly become everything. So, it is an excellent idea to use the innate skills and talents with which you came into the world. By learning, developing, and exercising your innate gifts, you may turn them into skills.

Well, there is no problem in attempting fresh stuff. However, chances are your by-born talents are the skills you require to achieve your life’s purpose.

3. Do what brings you joy

Following your life’s purpose would no doubt bring you happiness and pride. Simply put, if you are not satisfied with your life or have a sense of emptiness, you are not pursuing your life purpose.

When you search for the meaning of life, you will know that the vast portion of it revolves around happiness. If you decide to pursue your purpose in life, you will automatically start to live a happy and fulfilling life.

4. Follow your interests

For some reason, people have strong feelings regarding specific aspects of life. You have to become entirely absorbed in your life’s purpose if you want to live it. So, your purpose in life must be a thing that you are interested in.

Or else, you will be doomed to be doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable and bitter, making it very difficult to function at your best. So, when you are on your path to finding your life purpose, follow your passion.

5. Wherever you are wanted, go

The most obvious signal to live the purpose in your life is opportunity. Then again, there had to be a reason behind everything. There is indeed a gap in the market which you must fulfill. You may not, sadly, get to choose where you are most required. However, the key is to make sure you pick opportunities that are a good fit for your passion, skills, and talents.

6. Let your creativity flow

We all can create unique and useful things for the entire world. The concept of creativity is made up of these two elements: uniqueness and worth. Remember, you are both unique and precious to the universe by nature. It means you are a living, talking work of art, and it is past time for you to start appreciating it.

Here I’m referring to recognizing and valuing the exceptional perspective via which you see the world, as well as the significance your viewpoint may contribute. Well, once you concentrate on honing your skills and immersing yourself in whatever you love, creativity comes naturally. And, thus, it will eventually show you the path to your purpose in life.

7. Assemble a positive group of people around you

Consider not seeing colleagues or relatives that you feel forced to see. Determine who you want to spend your time with besides work and family gatherings. Well, if you’re around people that make a difference, you might be inspired by them.

On the other hand, if you are accompanied by individuals who are not engaged in what you are doing, it is difficult to feel motivated and meaningful. And, as I have mentioned earlier, it is hard to find your actual purpose in life if you are surrounded by people who criticize your every action.

So, try to stay in a group of positive people. The positive energy around you will help you stay calm and make it easier for you to find your purpose in life.

8. Meet new people

You have to spend time conversing with new people around you. Try to inquire what they enjoy doing in their spare time and the goals they have in their life.

Well, you might feel a little awkward starting a conversation with a stranger. However, chatting to individuals outside your existing circle can introduce you to hobbies, issues, or job prospects you were previously unaware of.

Moreover, you might come across new hobbies to try or new travel destinations. And, such activities could be crucial in assisting you in discovering your true life purpose.

9. Remain flexible

Getting rid of previous beliefs and activities that no longer represent us is among the most difficult aspects of finding one’s life purpose. Nonetheless, it is a task that one must complete. As you change and develop, your life’s purpose is likely to alter as well.

You must be adaptable and open to listening to your deepest desires and requirements. It will be far easier for you to find your purpose in life if you remain flexible and true to yourself.

How to Find Your Life Purpose?

To find your life purpose, you have to evaluate your passion and interests, step out of your comfort zone, and discover your best self. Here are the steps that might help you find your life purpose:

Step 1: Evaluate Your Interests

Writing things down is a helpful tool to make any life or viewpoint improvements. So, first of all, create a notebook focused on your interests, life goals, and pleasures and analyze your views.

Next, to start determining your ultimate mission, consider what you enjoy doing, what you are doing now, and what you should change to live a rather more meaningful life. To understand yourself well, ask yourself a few questions. Such as, what makes you feel the happiest, or what you have accomplished that you are proud of.

Also, think about the attributes of other individuals you respect the most. Now, make a list of the activities that you love doing. It can be linked to your professional, personal, or domestic life. However, they must be activities that bring you delight and that you like performing.

Besides, it is natural to consider what anyone else expects of you. Having good intentions, our family, peers, and society do have some expectations of us. Social conventions may advise you not to establish that business, not to quit your work, or to accept a lower-paying position. However, only you can judge what is best for you.

If you want to evaluate your real interests, you will have to stop listening to social norms. Instead, you will have to figure out what you actually want and what society has manipulated you to want.

Step 2: Taking a Step Outside Yourself

Escaping your comfort level and personal bubble, allows you to gain a larger perspective on the world and life. In our daily lives, we prefer to be rather self-centered. However, stepping outside of your shell allows you to see the bigger picture.

You might most realistically assess your role in the universe and assess your interests and purpose with the heightened awareness of the entire world.

During this step, you have to consider those who you find incredibly inspirational. These persons could be global leaders, famous figures, or someone you know. Try to find the answer to why all these individuals inspire you. Then, identify specific activities or traits that you would want to replicate.

You can also maintain a record of the list in the goal notebook. However, note that you may not be emulating or admiring every part of a person. Instead, you are focusing on specific attributes that you want to have as well.

Now, determine how you would like to engage with the individuals surrounding you once you have gained a better understanding of them. Then, decide how you want others to perceive you in connection to them. And, finally, endeavor to become that personality for them.

However, you might face trouble judging yourself. Besides, you might prefer a second view. If that’s the case you can ask a few of your close persons what they believe your capabilities are.  They might be able to provide you with some information that you are unable to notice in yourself.

Furthermore, don’t think in terms of absolutes while finding your life purpose. You have to recognize that your single objective might have several dimensions. It will provide you more freedom in defining it.

Step 3: Set the Purpose

Now, choose what you want your purpose in life to be once you have analyzed yourself and enlarged your perspective beyond yourself. Keep in mind that it is fine if things alter later. Even though you change your views afterward as you grow and evolve, it is crucial to have a direction and purpose at present.

Make a list of your goals once you have established what you want to achieve. Put it anywhere you will see every day to inspire yourself about your goals in life. This way, you can check in with yourself regularly to make sure you have taken steps toward your life purpose.

What Should You Do After Identifying Your Purpose in Life?

Once you have found your life’s purpose, you have to start working on achieving it. You can start meditating to set clear intentions, make a list of the steps you will have to do, avoid the things that might contradict your purpose in life, and so on. So, let’s discuss the things you should do after identifying your purpose in life:


Establishing your purpose for a day, month, decade, or even lifetime will be simple if you do yoga or meditation.

You have to clear your mind and imagine your life as you want it. It can assist you in taking the necessary steps towards achieving your dream life.

Stop Attempting To Impress Others

Even though your purpose includes a social component, attempting to satisfy others daily is more responsible for inhibiting than aiding your ultimate aim. So, make certain that the decisions you make along the way are your own, not the decisions of others.

People frequently don’t understand what would keep them happy and content. Thus, addressing the current wants of others will hinder you from living your life’s purpose.

Make a List of the Steps Leading to Your Purpose in Life

You can make a list in your notebook writing the steps you may perform, which will take you straight to your mission in life. Well, you might not even be capable of executing every action right away, but understanding the actions you need to do to live your meaningful life might help you get started.

For instance, you might write “change career” on the list if the present job is not rewarding and doesn’t align with the purpose in your life. But, because of the practicality of making payments and maintaining your household, you may choose not to resign immediately from the current work before searching for a different one.

It doesn’t mean that it can’t be on your list. You must write down all the steps whether they are long-term or short term on your list.

Do the Activities That Will Help You Achieve Your Life’s Purpose

Start taking the steps necessary to accomplish your ultimate mission once you have discovered what you will have to do. Start with the simple modifications and work your way up towards the large ones. Remember taking action rather than overthinking things can often offer you more understanding and enjoyment.

Avoid Engaging in Activities that Contradict or Detract from Your Goal

It’d be tough to refrain from engaging in any activity which does not significantly contribute to your purpose in life. You must, however, resist doing any activities that contradict the purpose.

If your goal is to make yourself as well as other people happy, for instance, you must resist making statements that are upsetting to others. Furthermore, you must stop doing things that eventually end up making you sad, such as sitting down with people you don’t like or forcing yourself to do things you don’t want.


What is my life purpose? The answer to this question, as you’ve got to know by now, is not simple. Finding your life purpose does not happen in a couple of days, months, or even years. It might even take your whole life to find your true purpose in life.

But once you find your life’s purpose, you will become happier and get a sense of fulfillment.