Things to Be Grateful For

From Scrooge to Saint: 19 Things to Be Grateful For

Things to Be Grateful For

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From the big life-altering moments to the small everyday occurrences, there’s always something to be grateful for. But sometimes it’s easy to forget just how many things there are in our lives to appreciate. 

To help you refocus on the positive, we’ve put together a list of 19 things to be grateful for. Read on to your attitude of gratitude in full swing.

19 Things to Be Grateful For

The Gift of Life

The first and most obvious thing to be grateful for is the gift of life itself. Without life, we could experience none of the other things on this list. From the moment we are born, we have been given a chance to live, and for that, we should be grateful.


This is perhaps one of the most important things to be grateful for on the list. Good health allows us to live our lives to the fullest and enjoy all the experiences that life offers. When our health is compromised, everything else in our lives suffers as well.

A Roof Over Your Head

A place to call home is another one of those necessities that we often take for granted. Your home is your own special place where you can relax, unwind, and feel comfortable just being yourself.

Whether you live in a house, an apartment, or even a van, take a moment today to appreciate your home and all that it offers you.

A roof over your head is something many people don’t have, so it’s definitely something worth being thankful for.

Food on the Table

Just like having a place to live, having food to eat is also a basic human need. And yet, there are millions of people around the world who don’t have enough food to get by.

So, if you have enough food to eat, and enough money to buy the food you want, that’s definitely something worth being grateful for.

Your Five Senses

Okay, so this is technically five things to be grateful for. Can you imagine what life would be like without your five senses? It’s hard to even comprehend, but the fact is, many people have to live without one or more of their senses.

So, if you can see, smell, taste, touch, and hear, consider yourself lucky! These senses allow us to experience the world in such a rich and vibrant way.


Laughter is one of the best things in life. It’s been said that laughter is the best medicine, and there’s definitely some truth to that. Laughter has a way of making us feel good, even when nothing else seems to go right.

So, the next time you’re feeling down, try to find something to laugh about. It might just be the pick-me-up you need.

Your Job

Even if you don’t love your job, it’s still a source of income that allows you to pay your bills and live your life. So, whether you’re employed full-time or part-time, having a job is definitely something to appreciate.

Your Education

If you have any level of education, whether it’s a high school diploma or a college degree, that’s something worth being thankful for. Education is a privilege that not everyone has access to, so if you do, make sure you don’t take it for granted.

Your Friends and Family

Friends, family and co-workers enrich our lives in so many ways. They make us laugh, help us when we’re struggling, and are just generally there for us day in and day out.

Take some time today to think about the people in your life and why you’re thankful for them. Chances are you’ll come up with a long list!

The Gift of Love

Another thing to be grateful for is the gift of love. Love makes the world go round, and it is something that we all crave. Whether it is the love of a family member, friend, or significant other, love is something that makes us feel alive and should be cherished.


Happiness is another thing to all be grateful for. Happiness is a state of mind that comes from within, and it is something that we can choose to focus on regardless of our circumstances.

When we are happy, we radiate positive energy and attract good things into our lives.


Nature is another thing to be grateful for. Nature provides us with beauty, fresh air, and a sense of peace and calm. Spending time in nature can help to reduce stress and it can also help to improve our physical health.

Your Pets

If you are lucky enough to have a pet, then that is definitely something to be grateful for. Pets bring unconditional love and companionship into our lives.

So, if you have a furry friend (or friends) at home, give them an extra cuddle today and let them know how much you appreciate them.

Your Talents and Abilities

We all have talents and abilities that make us unique. These talents and abilities make us who we are, and they can help us achieve our goals in life.

If you have a talent or ability that you are grateful for, put it to good use today and let it shine.


In today’s day and age, technology is everywhere. It’s hard to imagine life without it! While technology can sometimes be a source of frustration, it can also be a tremendous help in our lives.

So, if you have access to technology (and know how to use it), that’s definitely a thing to be grateful for.

A Warm Bed to Sleep In

Just like having a roof over your head, another thing to be grateful for is having a warm bed to sleep in at night. A bed is a luxury that many people take for granted, but it can make a big difference in your quality of life.

The Seasons

Another thing to be grateful for is the change of seasons. The seasons provide variety and beauty in our lives, and they also give us a chance to experience different things.

For example, winter is a great time for cozy fires, hot cocoa, and spending time with loved ones.

Spring is a time for new beginnings, fresh starts, and rebirth.

Summer is a time for sunny days, vacations, and long, lazy days.

And fall is a time for cool weather, pumpkin spice, everything, and beautiful leaves.


Memories are something to be grateful for. Memories allow us to relive happy times from our past and they help to keep loved ones who have passed away alive in our hearts.

Official Holidays

Last but not least, another thing to be grateful for are official holidays. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, or any other holiday, these are days where we get to celebrate with our loved ones and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


No matter what life throws our way, there are always things to be grateful for. By focusing on the positive aspects of our lives, no matter how big or small they may seem, we open ourselves up to more happiness and positivity overall.

So next time things seem tough, remember this list (or make your own) of things to feel grateful for today, it just might help turn your whole day around for the positive.