Self Confidence Exercises

18 [Proven] Self Confidence Exercises

Self Confidence Exercises

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If you suffer from low self esteem and negative self talk look no further! These self confidence exercises will have you brimming with confidence in no time.

Dress for success

Wearing clothes that make you feel good about yourself can also help to boost your self confidence. When you feel good in yourself, you will carry yourself differently, walk differently and generally feel more confident and self assured.

Be yourself

A great confidence building exercise is to just be yourself. If you try to be someone you are not you will probably feel a lot of inner turmoil because you will never feel true peace until you have accepted yourself for who you really are. Once you’ve accepted yourself you can build your confidence from there.

There is no shame in being who you are. If you like who you are and are comfortable with who you are, then it doesn’t matter what other people think because you will have your own approval.

Be kind to yourself

Being kind to yourself is a great self esteem activity. When you are compassionate and considerate of yourself, you will feel better about who you are and your place in the world. Make a pact with yourself to be nice to yourself. Write down the things you like about yourself and refer to this list when you need a confidence boost.

Take a break

If you are feeling down, take a break. Sometimes you just need a break from the daily grind and taking some time out to recharge can do wonders for your self-confidence.

Talk to a friend

One of the best ways to boost your confidence is to seek out a friend and talk to them about your problems, worries or insecurities. You can either choose to talk to a best friend or family member, but make sure you choose someone who you know and trust.

Talking to someone you trust and love, who won’t judge you, will allow you to let off steam and let out all your inner most worries and insecurities, which can really help when it comes to boosting your self confidence.

Get a life coach

A life coach can be a great way to boost self confidence and help you to reach your full potential. Life coaches can help you to reflect on your life, and help you to find areas in your life that need improving or need more attention.

Positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are a way to change your mindset and increase self-confidence. When you repeat positive statements to yourself, it can help to change your thought patterns and increase your self esteem.

Here are 10 examples of positive affirmations, but you don’t need to stick to the examples given here. If you find a positive statement that really resonates with you, use that in its place.

I am beautiful , I am loveable , I am a great friend , I am talented, I am a great parent , I am kind , I am successful at work , I am a great listener , I am successful , I am a brilliant Wife

When creating a positive affirmation be specific and repeat it at least a few times every day, but don’t just say it without giving it any thought, be sure to put positive energy behind it, really feel what you are saying and do your best to believe it.

Some people like to say their affirmations out loud, whereas others like to just read them quietly to themselves, it ultimately does matter as long as you use the method outlined above. It can take around 21 days of repeating positive affirmations for them to take a permanent effect, so keep it up and you will eventually see your negative self talk dropping.


One of the best ways of building confidence is by socializing. Going out and meeting new people can help you feel more comfortable in your own skin, build you social skills and make you more confident in who you are. It can also give you the opportunity to learn more about different cultures and viewpoints, which can only enrich your life.

Set goals

Although it may seem a bit clichéd and a little ambitious to set goals, setting goals actually does help to boost confidence. For example if you are setting a goal of learning a new skill or improving an aspect of your life, you’ll feel a great sense of achievement when you accomplish this goal, and this will give you a greater sense of self-worth, which can help you to be more confident and sure of who you are.

Use positive self-talk

Positive self-talk is a great way to raise your self confidence. If you talk positively to yourself and treat yourself with kindness and love, you will feel more confident.

Fake it till you make it

You know that old saying ‘fake it till you make it’? it’s not for everyone, but for some people it really works! If you put on a big smile, laugh and act as if you are confident, you will begin to feel more confident. This is a great way to boost your self confidence if you are just starting out on your journey to greater self-confidence.

Focus on your strengths

When you focus on your strengths, weaknesses tend to fade into the background. Focusing on your strengths is a great way to boost your self confidence because it makes you aware of the things that you are good at and helps you to build on them.

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is a great way to boost self confidence and overall wellbeing. It can help you to relax, be mindful and appreciate the things that you have. Take some time out every day to meditate or just to be mindful of all the good things in your life.

Smile more

Smiling more can help to boost your self confidence. When you smile, you feel happier, and when you feel happier you usually carry yourself a lot better, which reinforces the feeling of confidence.

Draw yourself a nice warm bath

Drawing yourself a warm bath, lighting some candles and getting in to soak and relax is a great way to boost self confidence. When you are in the bath you have time to think, to reflect and to let go of all the troubles and stresses in your life that may be bringing you down.


Exercising is one of the best confidence building activities because it releases endorphins which are your brains natural happy chemical, exercising can also help you sleep better, and feel more energized.

If you worry that you’re too out of shape to exercise, remember that you can start out small. You don’t need to go to the gym and run on a treadmill for an hour at the right intensity; all you need to do is start moving more, this can be done by taking walks more often, or cycling.

Start small, and you’ll be amazed at how much your confidence will grow.

Get organized

Do you get distracted easily? If so, your self-confidence might suffer as a result of being disorganized. You might constantly feel rushed and stressed when dealing with all the things you have to do.

One of the best ways to get organized is to create a to-do list and prioritize what you have to do. Write down all the things you need to do for the day and start off with the most important tasks first. Then schedule the rest of your day around that.

Eat well and get plenty of sleep

Eating well and getting plenty of sleep are both great ways to boost self confidence. When you feel healthy and nourished you will feel more confident because you will have more energy, a clearer mind and you will be more productive.

In Conclusion

If you are looking to increase your self confidence and get rid of any low self esteem, you should consider the self esteem activities outlined in this article. It may take some time to build your confidence up, but if you follow the self confidence exercises above you will be well on your way to feeling more confident and having a higher self-esteem.