Law of Assumption vs Law of Attraction

Law of Assumption vs Law of Attraction – Who Wins?

Law of Assumption vs Law of Attraction

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The law of assumption (first made popular by Neville Goddard), and the law of attraction are often new age terms that are used together and are both used for manifestation, so it can be hard to know where the difference between them and which one is the most effective, well it’s time to answer this question once and for all, so let’s start the battle of the law of assumption versus the law of attraction by first seeing how they differ.

What is difference between the law of assumption and the law of attraction?

The difference between the law of assumption and law of attraction is that the law of assumption is a single method or belief that whatever you assume to be true, is true or will become true, whereas the law of attraction can be implemented with multiple methods at the same time to attract your desired outcome, or indeed the opposite of your desired outcome, if not used correctly but more on that later.

Ok so that’s all well and good I hear you say, but which one is the best and most powerful to use, to get you manifesting as fast and effectively as possible?

Which is best the law of assumption or the law of attraction?

When used correctly and to its full potential the law of attraction is better for manifesting than the law of assumption, because the law of attraction can be used in such a way where it incorporates multiple powerful techniques to manifest your desired outcome, and the law assumption is just one of these techniques, albeit a very powerful one.

So, you could say that though the law of attraction is more powerful than the law of assumption, it wouldn’t be as powerful without it, so they both need each other to reach their maximum potential.

How does the law of assumption work?

The dictionary definition of assumption is “a thing that is accepted as true or is certain to happen, without proof.” So, when we are referring to the law of assumption, what we are really talking about is the power of belief and having faith beyond all doubt that something is true or will be true, and you fully expect it to happen if it hasn’t already.

The Law of assumption techniques

The technique to using the law of assumption is to fully assume your desired outcome is true or will be true, as this sends a strong vibrational signal out to the universe which it will match as like energy and vibrations are drawn to each other, or as the law of attraction states like attracts like, so the universe will set about creating the right circumstances that match your vibrations to manifest your desired outcome into your life.

Law of assumption examples

As already stated, the law of assumption works best when incorporated along with other law of attraction methods, so let’s say for example you are wanting to manifest your dream holiday, so you use the law of assumption to assume beyond all doubt the holiday is already yours, and you completely expect to go on it.

This alone is likely enough to manifest your dream holiday but to speed things up, you may want to use the law of attraction technique of visualisation to see yourself on the holiday. Visualise yourself on the beach sunbathing, drinking sangrias or whatever your dream holiday would look like.

As well as visualising you should also use other law of attraction techniques such as the power of feeling and using your senses. For example, you might imagine how that sangria will taste, how great you would feel laid on the beach on a beautiful warm sunny day, with a gentle breeze blowing through your hair and the sound of the waves calmly rolling in over the white sandy beach, and the smell of the fresh sea air.

Using the law of attraction methods above along with the law of assumption is highly likely to increase the speed your desired outcome will manifest.

But what if you use the law of assumption and law of attraction on the wrong way?

Law of assumption and law of attraction negatives

The truth is the universe and therefore the law of attraction and law of assumption do not have any preference or understanding of what is good or bad, they only match the vibrations you are sending out, and give you more of the same.

So, if you are assuming the worst is going to happen you are sending out that negative energy to the universe and the law of assumption (one method of using the law of attraction) of will go into action and attract the exact thing you don’t want to happen.

So, the trick is to try and become more conscious of your inner dialogue, you know that little voice in your head that always has a lot to say and try and turn any negative self-talk into positive self-talk as much as possible.

So don’t use the law of assumption to assume the worst is going to happen, use it to assume that everything is going to work out great, you will then be sending out positive vibrations to the universe instead of negative ones, and will therefore manifest more positive things, situations, and circumstances into your life.

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But to get you started using the law of assumption lets finish off this post with some powerful little law of assumption affirmations, you may find useful, and feel free to adapt them to your own needs, as they need to resonate, and connect with you.

And remember that when using any affirmation, to get the best results, rather than just reading or listening to it without putting much thought into it, you really need to do your best to believe what you are hearing/reading and feel it right down to your soul, for the maximum vibrational match.

Law of assumption affirmations

“I am faithful, true, and strong and I fully and completely expect to get what I desire.”

“I assume and fully expect good things to happen to me today.”

“I am focused, and I know that my dream is real, and so I will believe it and fully expect it to come to pass.”

“I am a force of love, joy and happiness, and I expect to be showered with these by the universe.”

“I assume and fully expect that my new partner/job/happiness etc is on the way.”

“I am a shining light of love and happiness, and I expect to attract like energies.”

“I know what I want in life, and I fully expect to achieve it.”

“I am a positive force of energy, and I fully expect to attract more positive things, situations, and circumstances into my life.”

“I am positive, powerful, and confident and I expect nothing less than my desired outcome.”

“I am a powerful, positive, and successful person, and I fully and completely expect everything that I desire to manifest.”

“I assume the best from everyone I meet today.”

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see the law of assumption is a powerful law of attraction technique to incorporate into your life, but don’t forget that it works best when used with other methods too, such as visualisation, feeling and using your senses, and remember if you find yourself having a negative thought, try and stop any of these and turn them into a positive thoughts to make sure you are sending the right vibration to the universe so you are manifesting positive outcomes and the thing or things you truly desire.