Is Self-Hypnosis and Meditation the Same

Is Self-Hypnosis and Meditation the Same

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Is Self-Hypnosis and Meditation the Same

Self-hypnosis vs mediation are two terms that are frequently used interchangeably. But  are they  simply two different names for the same thing? Or are they directly opposed to one another? That’s a good question so without further ado lets find out is self-hypnosis and meditation the same?

The short answer is that no, self-hypnosis and meditation are not the same, but it isn’t as simple as that as there are a plethora of different styles of meditation and self-hypnosis is very similar to some of these meditation techniques, while other techniques are completely different.

What is for certain when looking at self hypnosis vs meditation is that when utilized properly and regularly, both of these tools are very effective.

Think about what comes to mind when you hear the word “meditation.” Yoga practitioners or monks may appear in your minds eye, sitting calmly in solitude.

But when you think of self-hypnosis, what images come to mind for you? Perhaps you consider consulting with a psychologist. Perhaps you recall the stage hypnotist who performed at your high school and caused some of your classmates to cluck like chickens.

What are the difference’s between hypnosis VS meditation?



Although it is feasible to meditate with a particular purpose in mind, most kinds of meditation have a broader objective. Acknowledging the nature of the mind, mindfulness, and decreasing the frequency and impact of stray thoughts are common goals.

Self-hypnosis has a more focused objective, like giving up smoking or improving confidence. Self-hypnosis is a technique for making people more receptive to suggestions or affirmations.

The use of self-hypnosis can also be utilized to overcome phobias, alter your attitude about riches, or reduce weight.

Self-hypnosis is frequently used to help people come up with innovative solutions to problems. For instance, you might want to figure out the perfect plot twist for a book or come up with a solution to a hard problem in your personal or professional life.


Meditation is characterized by the concentration on a single point or object, like the breath, a specific area on the wall, or a mantra. The objective is to keep your attention focused on one central location. When your thoughts stray, which they will, the goal is to bring them back to the present moment. You will gain an understanding of how your mind functions and how to concentrate more successfully.

However, self-hypnosis typically entails following a tale, such as being confident in navigating a social scenario, as opposed to hypnosis. The event is the focal point of your attention. As you navigate your way through an experience, you reap the benefits of your efforts.

You have the ability to alter your typical perception and perspective through self-hypnosis. You can get a taste of something that you might not otherwise have access to in your normal life.

Whether it is guided or unguided

Meditation can be done by oneself or with the assistance of a guide, whereas Self-hypnosis by definition is done by yourself, but there are a variety of audio programs available to assist you in learning how to meditate or use self-hypnosis effectively, but the level of such recordings varies considerably.

Both self-hypnosis vs meditation can be beneficial, and you can incorporate both into your daily routine.

In order to calm your mind, improve your capacity to concentrate, and reduce the inclination to ruminate, you can practice meditation. In practice for thousands of years, mediation has proven to be quite beneficial.

Using self-hypnosis to deal with the difficulties in your life is a more surgical approach. Whether you want to build your self – esteem, lose weight, quit smoking, or overcome a fear of flying, self-hypnosis can be a very effective tool to help you achieve your goals.

Some people report seeing immediate results from both procedures, while others report that weeks or months are necessary to see significant results. Why not give either one a try for a few months to see if it is something that will benefit you? Take note of your findings and continue as needed to achieve your goals.

However, while meditation vs self-hypnosis they are not considered to be the same thing, they are unquestionably associated with one another. Please keep in mind when looking at self-hypnosis vs meditation that there are many different styles of meditation, and some of them are more comparable to self-hypnosis than other varieties.