How To Meditate When Your Mind Is Racing

How To Meditate When Your Mind Is Racing? 3 Great Tips

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How To Meditate When Your Mind Is Racing

If you are tired of your mind going 100 miles an hour, you’ve come to the right place! Do you often want to shut down your mind and experience calmness for once?  Are you wondering how to meditate when your mind is racing? Well, I’ve been too. And that is why I will share 5 great tips to help you ease your mind in no time.

To attain a calm, and stable mental and emotional state, just practice some relaxing habits. You can try fine-tuning your thoughts to divert your worries or you can narrow down your worries to directly address them. Sleeping, music, exercise, and such other activities help to calm a racing mind.

Who wouldn’t want to tune out their stress once in a while? Meditations like a 5-minute yoga session before going to bed can go a long way to distract yourself from overwhelming thoughts. To know more about how to meditate when your mind is racing, check out the blog below.

Why Meditate When Your Mind Is Racing?

When you have to focus and your mind tells you not to, you should know how to shut down your mind using meditation. Meditation is a practice that aims to calm your mind. This practice is done by concentrating on selective techniques that work for you, like exercising the mind or body, focusing on a particular object or activity, etc.

Meditation helps to stop the overflowing thoughts and helps focus on the present instead. To learn meditation, you have to approach it as an attainable goal. The more you pursue it to achieve nirvana or eternal inner peace, the farther you will drift away from it. Rather, just do it to get peace of mind for that particular moment.

Be at peace knowing that you can have a healthy mental state with worries swirling in it. The only difference will be that now you’ll know how to deal with your worries wisely.

3 Great Tips To Meditate When Your Mind Is Racing

Don’t push yourself too hard when your mind won’t let you take a break, whether it’s mid-work or mid-study. You can’t completely ignore your racing thoughts, and you can’t let them take over either. Instead, take a breather and follow any of the 3 tips mentioned below to get a clear mind in no time.

●         Write Out All Your Thoughts

Oftentimes, when your mind gets clouded with thoughts, it’s wise to write them down. Doing so solves half of the problem. And that is why you should always carry a journal with you. Whenever your mind dives into the overthinking zone, take out your diary and write away.

Write exactly what you’re thinking about, what your worries are, etc. Ask yourself about your inner worries and find the answers. You can make bullet points or write paragraphs. Just let the thoughts pour out and organize themselves. After letting it all out, you will really feel very light and free. Therefore, carry a journal with you at all times.

●         Let The Audio Do The Magic

Sometimes, your head is brimming with worries, signaling your need to unwind. So, to calm such a mental block and instead ignite creativity and increase productivity, try activating your senses. In this case, your hearing senses.

You can entice your hearing sensors by listening to ASMR or Lofi-music while working. There are plenty of such playlists on YouTube that can mentally take you to a place where the world doesn’t feel like it’s weighing down on you.

So, experience the freshness of nature by hearing birds chirping or the autumn breeze flowing. Or, experience the calm ambiance of a rainy afternoon from a cafe, and such tunes from YouTube. These can calm your mind and slow down your thinking process.

●         Exercise

A big part of meditation is to breathe gently to let the mind relax. So, breathing exercise is a must for relaxing. Whatever tip you choose from the list above, make sure to include a breathing exercise. Simply counting to 10 as you slowly breathe in and out can significantly calm your nerves.

You can also do other physical exercises to ease the tension in your body. Know that, if you exercise your body, you will exercise your mind. You can try yoga as it’s very famous for its healing properties. A simple 10 to 15-minute yoga routine right before sleep can significantly improve your sleep quality and thus improve your mood the next day.

●         (BONUS TIP) – Connect With Yourself

Now, I am not telling you to immediately book a flight to the Maldives and just take off. Instead, just get off your chair and walk to the nearest window, and admire the sky. If the area around you has an open space outside, then just go for a walk and come back feeling fresh.

The aim is to do something that makes you feel refreshed and distracts you from your inner voices. You can read a book, not an e-book, or just enjoy a cup of coffee in peace. Don’t stare at screens, rather gaze at your surroundings. By doing so, you will give your mind some time to calm down.

Step By Step Guide On How To Make A Meditation Routine

If you begin your journey with meditation thinking that you are not going to achieve any sort of peace, then you are giving up even before starting. To avoid that, follow this step-by-step guide to building a routine of finding calmness in this chaotic life.

1.       Set A Time Every Day To Focus On Yourself

In this time you can practice any hobby that you enjoy and can cheer you up. Be it painting, reading a book, or volunteering, it can be anything. Just commit to it.

For daily refreshments, choose a small activity that can cheer you up anytime. Watching YouTube or streaming online content won’t count. Instead, think about watering a plant or going to the rooftop, just doing something refreshing.

But for weekly or monthly refreshments, think of a bigger activity, something that will take your mind off the pressure you have going on in your personal life at the moment.

2.       Set A Routine And Stick To It

You have to know that you are your own boss. No one is going to help you be your best self except you. To achieve the best mental state, you should set a daily routine of tasks and follow it thoroughly.

Of course, there will be a deviation from time to time, but don’t let that hold you back, and don’t give up just because you messed up the routine once. Just get back to it the next day and start over. Remember, it’s not over until you give up.

3.       Exercise

The exercise doesn’t have to be something excruciating. It can just be a walk in the park or a small little jogging session just to keep the gears going. Just make sure you stick to that routine.

Exercising releases endorphins that boost your mood and take your mind off troubling thoughts. So no matter how small the time interval is, if you form a habit of exercising, it will help you give a mental boost that’ll stick for the long term.

4.       Maintain A Sleeping Cycle

Oftentimes, lack of sleep causes mental uneasiness. A typical sleeping cycle lasts 90 minutes where it revolves from light sleep to deep sleep. So, if you make at least four of these cycles per night, you will get a good shuteye and thus wake up feeling better.

So, try to find the duration of your sleeping cycle and stick to a definite number of cycles to get a good night’s sleep. Trust me, you’ll wake up feeling ten times better.


We all have those overthinking moments when our mind feels like it’s going into overdrive. In times like those, when you’re feeling like ripping out your hair, know that you’re not alone.

So, just follow my given tips on how to meditate when your mind is racing and gain calmness and composure.