How To Find Your Spirit Animal

How To Find Your Spirit Animal – A Full Guide

How To Find Your Spirit Animal

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Most of us keep searching our whole lives for a spirit animal without even realizing it’s right in front of our eyes! You may have this invisible spiritual connection with a particular animal. It has been protecting you, guiding you, and encouraging you towards your goal, and you may have no clue about this! Everyone has one spirit animal at some point in their lives!

There are several ways by which you can find your beloved spirit. You can try taking online quizzes, meditating, interpreting your dreams, etc.

So, if you want to know more about how to find your spirit animal, I suggest you read this article. Here, I will bring light on the common spirit animals with their importance in your life, the relation of the spirit animals with the zodiac signs, how you can find your own spirit animal, and so on! Hence, to analyze these facts in detail, please read the entire article.

How Can You Find Your Own Spirit Animal?

To be fair, a spirit animal is a friend indeed that you require in need. Just as the name says, it is connected to your soul and your inner instincts. It is not easy to understand your true self without proper meditations and analysis. You need to divulge in your own thoughts and understand which soul connects the most with you.

So, how can you decide which animal is bonding spiritually the most with you? There are certain methods that you can try out yourself to find this out. Let’s get to know some of these in detail! But before that, let me take you on a brief tour of the importance of spirit animals!

Why Do You Need A Spirit Animal?

Even if you are unfamiliar with this term, it is not very hard to understand what a spirit animal is. Basically, a spirit animal is an energy that drives you to achieve your goals and happiness in life. It is a kind of power that works as medicine due to its divine connection with your soul.

Actually, when you start to believe in the power of spirit animals, your life gets simpler. You start to enjoy the little things in life; all problems begin to unfold and solve by themselves. A spirit animal can stay with you in times of your distress. The energy and vibe it shows will guide you whenever it is not around you.

So, it is like an invisible bond that helps you to gain strength in your bad times. Everyone needs a spirit animal whether they realize this or not. We all are linked to a spirit animal in one way or the other. If you observe closely, you can understand this.

It sends you some messages through its presence which can enhance your capabilities. Actually, all animals are unique in their own ways. Some symbolize power, and some symbolize empathy. To be honest, it is the lucky charm you didn’t ask for! But it will always stay with you and help you choose between the right and the wrong.

How Does It Help You?

So, now you must be curious how a spirit animal can help you in your bad times! It can help you in many aspects. Basically, it aids in transforming and developing the sixth sense that we talk about.

In fact, it is the same sixth sense that helps you to relate and communicate with others. For example, you will learn to share better with people through this. You will get the motivation, to be honest despite any kind of situation or any kind of relationship with anyone.

Also, you can gather the courage to make bold decisions in life. Some animal spirits teach you to be happy and content with the little things in life. You can learn to face your fears and fight off evil.

You will learn to cope with depression, anxiety, and all sorts of unexpected events. It is a new chapter of your life. In the real world, you won’t have constant help from someone always. Some decisions will always fall upon you, and it will be your call to decide. These are the times when your spirit animal can come into use.

How Do They Function?

It is not like the magical world of Harry Potter where your spirit animal appears in front of your eyes and reads magical spells with you. No, that is not the purpose of a spirit animal. The bond this creature makes with you through a spiritual relationship will transcend the information you need.

The spirit animal does not necessarily have to be present when you are in trouble. It sends messages to you despite being in some other part of the world. These messages are for you to understand. They are not visible to the naked eyes. It takes your instincts to realize what a spirit animal would suggest you do at that point.

Man is a social animal. So, the relationship of men with animals is close enough. Even though man is a much more developed animal and the intelligence God blessed men with, animals lack this. However, there is so much more to learn from them. Your true spirit animal can teach you these.

How Can You Find Your Spirit Animal?

Okay, now let’s cut the chase and come to the main part. How can you find your own spirit animal? There are a thousand ways to find that. But I want to suggest some really basic and easy ways that you can relate to your everyday life as well.

You have to observe the signs the universe is offering you closely. In fact, the surroundings will give you hints. You need to make a brief overview and link various events of your past, present, and future. So, below, I have described some ways by which you can get to know your spirit baby!

  • Make A Plan

Work and think with a calm head. Think about the things that have associations with this matter. You are trying to find your spirit animal. That is to say, the animal that connects the most with you on a spiritual level. The one who understands you the best and bonds well with you is your spirit animal!

A lot of times, pet lovers tend to adapt some of the criteria of their pets. Cat lovers especially tend to behave a lot like their pet cats. It happens subconsciously. You don’t acquire these traits on your own. They come spontaneously!

  • Give Attention!

Give close attention to which animals appear more in front of your eyes. Maybe you notice cats, dogs or puppies, spiders, eagles, hawks, crows, snakes, etc. more. Observe which animals you notice more in movies, books, parks, etc. This is due to the fact that even in your subconscious mind, you notice this particular animal the most.

If this happens frequently, you must have a divine connection with this animal—the reason why you observe this particular animal amongst all the others.

  • Dreams

Now, let us talk about your dreams. Think about this. Do you see one particular animal in your dreams? Do you dream of snakes or cats a lot? It might be a hint for you. Your dreams might be giving you a clue that your soul animal is sending you a message.

Spirit animals don’t have any particular way to communicate with you. Your destiny finds its way to match your soul with it. Dreams are just another way to communicate.

  • Try Meditations!

The best thing you can do is try a simple meditation. In this sort of meditation, try to focus on what animal attracts your soul. Think about various kinds of animals you find in your day-to-day life. Now, try to imagine which animal attracts you the most. Think about which animal matches your personality!

For this purpose, you need to understand animal behavior very closely. Each animal has a different kind of personality. It is obvious a cat and a tiger will not behave in the same way. So, try to understand the fundamental differences and traits first.

Now, I can suggest a step-by-step guide to trying out this meditation. Relax, breathe in, and try this out now to find your soulmate!

  1. Choose a cool and dark place where you can stay away from all worldly affairs. Also, make sure you are away from all electronic devices, especially your phone. Otherwise, you may get distracted easily.
  2. Mark your territory. This territory is your meditating zone. Keep all necessary stuff with you—for example, crystals, the directions, crystal balls, etc. Also, you can seek Mother Earth and the Sky to participate in your meditation.
  3. Lie down in a straight posture and close your eyes. It will help all the power, force, and energy to flow all through your body.
  4. The best thing to use in such kinds of meditation is the sound of rain or the waves of the ocean. Natural music can calm down your soul and take you to another world of relaxation. Your state of consciousness can get altered in this step.
  5. Breathe in, breathe out. Let all the stress pass through your whole body down to your feet, where it can get absorbed by the ground. In this way, Mother Earth will help you by absorbing your distress into her big store.
  6. Now, you are fully relaxed. So, invite your spirit animal to come to join you. You might not meet one instantly. It will take some time for you to see any spirit animal at this stage.
  7. When you see one, thank the spirit animal for coming to meet you. You can then ask if it has any messages for you. Often, they come with advice and suggestions for amendments in your life decisions. However, even if it doesn’t have anything to offer, make a conversation first. Then try to conclude the meeting by thanking the creature.
  8. Now, try to end the meditation by thanking Mother Earth, the Sky, the four directions (east, west, north, and south), and all the other forces that joined your session.
  9. Next, when you return to the real world, you will feel like it was all a magical dream!
  10. Finally, write down your experience in a notepad or a diary. Write about your spirit animal, all about how you met them and what information you exchanged. It can be a life-changing experience!
  • Online Quizzes

Another easy way to find your spirit animal is to try out some basic online quizzes. There are apps as well that ask various questions and then make a score based on which you can decide your spirit friend.

Besides, there are quizzes online that can interpret results on their own. Although these are automated results, they give almost correct interpretations in most cases. You can try these out to find your own spirit animal.

So, try to search for these kinds of quizzes on Google or other search engines. Of course, make sure beforehand that these are authentic. You should not rely on false interpretations for something as vital as finding your spirit animal.

Can Your Spirit Animal Change?

Yes, sometimes, with the change of your personality, spirit animals can change. It may happen with the course of time, as you keep getting older. But in most cases, spirit animals remain constant.

Basically, there are two different kinds of personalities- Type A and Type B. Usually, both types remain constant throughout life, in most cases. It is very implausible that one kind of personality will change into the other. But as we age, slight changes in our characters are very normal.

However, in some cases, people can change to a great extent. Introverts can turn into extroverts, and aggressive people can turn into soft-hearted ones, etc. So, with this change in personality, spiritual attitudes can change too.

Suppose an introverted person has a very timid personality and does not like to socialize much. His spirit animal matches the most with, say, a cat. After some time, if he gradually transforms into an extroverted person who hates living alone, his spirit animal will change as well. However, some criteria of his previous spirit animal may still be retained.

So, now, his spirit animal will match the most with a pup. Pups love to socialize and become friends with everyone very quickly. So, extroverts tend to have pups more as their spirit animals. Therefore, your spirit animal may change with the change in your personality.

The 8 Common Spirit Animals With Their Significance

There are millions of spirit animals that you can come across. Each has a different function and personality, which doesn’t match with the other. However, some common ones can be available more amongst others.

Basically, eight common spirit animals appear the most. They are unique, and each has a different significance. So, please read the next part to know in detail!

  • The Bear

Bears are the friendliest and empathetic creatures you will ever come across. They try to maintain a good and healthy relationship with everyone around them. Sometimes they can appear to be harsh and brutal on the outside, but inside they are as soft as anything you can ever imagine!

They are good leaders and have great healing powers. Nevertheless, the bears tend to relax a lot. They can rest the whole day, but this is what gives them the energy to keep going. If you feel like a bear inside, you are a very cozy and warm person with love and affection for everyone around you!

  • Cats

The loveliest and most adorable creatures are the cats! They are independent and have great confidence. Also, these animals have a particular criterion. That is, they tend to lose interest very quickly. If they are in the mood to be caressed and loved, they will come near you. But when they become satisfied, they won’t take a minute to leave your company.

Moreover, this is very common with some humans too. When they lose their trust in someone, they tend to distance themselves from that particular person. No matter what you do to regain their faith, it will never be the same!

Furthermore, cats are always curious and want to know more and explore! They have great patience too. Besides, cats are very playful. You won’t get bored spending time with them.

  • The Butterfly

The butterflies are versatile creatures in the sense that they can adapt to any environment. They grow from larvae to pupae to adult flies and pass through many stages of their lives to evolve into the most beautiful form. That is to say; they learn from their past to make the future better.

In the same way, humans who tend to learn from their mistakes in the past resemble butterflies. Also, people who care to adapt to any situation easily are alike. They can embrace any kind of change you put forward. These kinds of people are very easygoing and do not judge others quickly.

  • The Deer

The deer have a very protective attitude which reflects in their personality very easily. They tend to love the creatures around them a lot and care for them with everything in their power. Deer are gentle, kind, and have great courage and confidence.

So, a person who has a personality as close as a deer knows how to handle any situation with bravery and natural instincts. He knows how to care for his loved ones. He won’t leave you alone in any kind of trouble. So, try to be a fallow deer for your loved ones!

  • Dogs

Just as they say, dogs are man’s best friends. There is no other animal that will love you and remain faithful to you as much as a pup. They are the most loyal creatures out there! The dogs are highly intelligent too.

In fact, if you treat them with love for once, they will remember this for a lifetime. And they will look for chances to protect you and return the love, even if with their lives. If you have a dog, you have a best friend for life!

They are incredibly playful too. A pup always looks for opportunities to draw your attention so that you play with it. And if you don’t give much attention, they become disheartened. Such a sweetheart!

In real life, it is hard to come across people who are this faithful and honest. People hardly remain this much loyal nowadays! But if you aspire to be like this, your dream spirit animal is definitely a dog!

  • The Wolf

Wolves are very clever and know how to tackle any situation. Usually, they love to spend time with family, so you can call them family-oriented creatures. They are very social and love to stay in groups. Whenever any other fellow mate falls in trouble, they make a whole flock fight altogether. They have excellent team spirit.

Besides, the wolves love freedom. They don’t like it when someone tries to dominate them. So, when they are offered to be free, they can turn sand into a glass!

Wolves are very loyal creatures as well. They believe in their own instincts a lot. Thus, they can predict very early who can hurt them and who won’t. So, they can distance themselves from the ones who are danger-prone creatures.

Also, they can form a great connection with everyone around them. So, the same wolf-like humans are very friendly and can easily become friends with others. They are clever and intuitive. These people are incredibly helpful too but won’t think twice to leave you if you have any bad intentions.

  • The Dolphin

Dolphins are very enthusiastic and playful creatures by nature. They take a great interest in learning everything and whatever is going around them. Dolphins are sagacious creatures as well. They can learn anything in minutes and pay great attention to observing anything. Also, they are very good at communicating with others.

Usually, humans who are good at paying great attention to learning stuff have dolphins as their spirit animals. That is to say; they are very intelligent and fast learners. If you are a dolphin spiritually, people are lucky to be around you!

  • The Dove

Doves are the symbols of peace and tranquillity. They are so beautiful that just looking at a dove can take your worries away! The doves are the true embodiments of fresh starts. They are always positive thinkers and have high hopes for everything. So, you can say they are highly optimistic!

A person who is a dove by nature can never have negative thoughts about anything around. He will remain firm in his positive thoughts despite anything. He will always try to see the good in people. These people always encourage others to move on and make a fresh start.

Moreover, you can hardly get in trouble with these kinds of people. So, if these criteria match with you, you will definitely make one adorable dove!

Spirit Animals As Per The Zodiac Signs

As per astrology, people of one zodiac sign tend to behave in a common way. This has no scientific basis, but in some cases, it has been found to be true. Probably, this is due to the influence of the stars, the planets, and other celestial objects!

Likewise, people with one zodiac sign may tend to have one common spirit animal. It is not mandatory that it will always remain constant for one zodiac sign. In fact, it may change. Or two people with different zodiac signs can have the same spirit animal. Now, as per stats, the commonest spirit animals for each zodiac sign are-

  • Gemini– Deer
  • Cancer– The Dog, snakes
  • Aquarius– Cats, Wolves.
  • Taurus– Owl
  • Leo– Bear, Deer
  • Scorpio– Cats
  • Sagittarius– Owl
  • Capricorn– Unicorn
  • Pisces– Wolf
  • Libra– The grey wolf
  • Aries– The Hawk
  • Virgo– Bears

Can A Tiger Be Your Spirit Animal?

Yes, a tiger can definitely be your spirit animal if your personality traits match with it. Generally, the usual traits are cleverness, confident attitude, majestic approach, robustness, independence, and protection. If these traits match with you, you can feel like a tiger inside!

Tigers rule the jungle. They are ferocious and wild. In fact, they are never scared about anyone or anything. They live boldly without being afraid of anything else. These animals are brilliant and clever. Besides, everyone fears them because they always hold a very majestic appearance like they own the place!

If you are confident enough and you fear none, you can be a tiger spiritually. You must live independently and be aware of your surroundings. You have to think twice before making a leap.

Usually, you are very protective about yourself and your loved ones if you are like a tiger inside. You can do anything to make your loved ones happy. These traits match exceptionally well with a tiger.

Truth be told, tigers reek of courage and strength. In fact, their lifestyle and interactions with others say the same. If you want to have a tiger as your spirit animal, you need to adapt to these qualities well. Only then can you achieve the macho attitude and feel like a tiger inside.

However, it is not compulsory that all your qualities have to match to have a tiger as your spirit animal. If most qualities match, you are good to go! Being a tiger is a matter of pride for most individuals. Probably, it is because of the carefree and bold personality a tiger holds!


Most people spend their whole lives without getting to know their spirit animals. It’s a shame if you can’t recognize your own spirit animal! It is like getting to know more about yourself from someone else who has a deep spiritual bond with you. You never know, your spirit animal may be sending you valuable messages, and you may have no idea about this!

In this article, I tried to explain all the relevant facts about how to find your spirit animal. I hope this article helped you to gain some insights about this. Thank you for reading the entire article with patience. I hope you get to find your spirit animal soon! Best wishes to you and your spirit friend!