How Not To Be Jealous Of Others Wealth

Getting Over Envy: How Not To Be Jealous Of Others Wealth

How Not To Be Jealous Of Others Wealth

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Being jealous of other people’s wealth can damage your quality of life. It can hamper your personal relations and can make you miserable. Letting go of envy and living life in contentment can be freeing and help you be happier. So, here I will be discussing how not to be jealous of others wealth. 

The first step to stop being envious is to focus on yourself. Learn and practice new skills and set new goals so that you can achieve what your peers have achieved. Analyze your rich peers and try to learn their secret to success. Let them motivate you in your journey to success. Also, remember to recognize and be grateful for the things you have. 

Moreover, it’s important to know what you can do to shift your energy from jealousy to growth. In this article, I will discuss three easy techniques that will help you eliminate jealousy while adopting a positive mindset.

3 Practices To Avoid Being Jealous of Others’ Wealth

If you want to get rid of jealousy, you should practice the hacks listed below on a regular basis. Here are three ways to avoid being envious of other people’s wealth:

1. Shift Your Focus From Jealousy To Learning

Jealousy happens when you focus on the negative side rather than the positive side. Moreover, jealousy makes you blind to the important things that are vital for your personal growth. In any case, jealousy is a hindrance in the path of learning. When you get jealous, you create a negative atmosphere around you. Nothing positive comes out of it.

But these are very nice words to preach, but how can someone effectively get rid of jealousy? The only way is to shift your focus from jealousy to learning. The quick way to shift is to concentrate on your dreams and desires rather than putting all your energy on someone else. It may sound like I am guilt-shaming you, but I am not.

Suppose you have a friend who owns a lucrative business. But you are straining a lot in your career. It’s natural to feel a pang of jealousy when you see your friend’s success. Both of you are working hard. Then why is it that your friend gets to be the only one to enjoy more success and wealth than you do? Your cloudy state of mind is quite understandable.

But if you only take a step back from your thoughts, you will see that jealousy ultimately takes you nowhere. You deserve nothing but triumphant success, just like your friend. That’s why you need to keep your energy flowing. So, instead of getting jealous of your friend’s success, look up to them as role models!

Tell yourself that if they can do it, then you can do it too. Also, practice positive self-talk. Tell your friend to share their whole story. The curve of success does not run smoothly at all. It goes through several episodes of failure, disappointment, and hardship. Successful people also go through life-altering and tragic losses before they find their way towards success.

Focus on their entire journey without only obsessing over the success and money part. You will find the story motivating, not disempowering. That’s how you get rid of jealousy and motivate yourself by seeing other people’s success.

2. Have A Positive Vision Of Yourself

Vision is the most important thing to have if you want thriving personal growth. You will see that all successful entrepreneurs, wealthy business people, and celebrities have one thing in common. They always have a clear vision of themselves and their goals.

A vision doesn’t necessarily mean having an outrageously big dream. Moreover, your big dream about yourself only turns into a vision when you commit to working on it. A vision without actions is only an empty dream. It’s important to have an achievable dream that you want to fulfill in life as your primary goal.

When you are actively working towards your vision, you are curving your path to success. When your success story is a work-in-progress, you won’t feel jealous upon seeing successful people. You would likely want to learn about their recipe for success and wealth for your benefit.

If you are friends with someone born wealthy, then focus on the good habits they have. Also, observe what they are doing to increase their wealth. That’s how you keep your learning curve moving upward despite your surroundings. And if you ever encounter negativity, gently move away from it.

Moreover, be friends with vision-oriented, highly motivational people. Always remember that your tribe is your vibe. Suppose you are friends with criticizing and demotivating people. In that case, the negativity will likely consume you all around you. To thrive, you need to achieve higher vibes, and for that, you need a team of people who want to rise to their highest potential. 

3. Practice Gratitude

This practice may sound less ambitious than the two practices I mentioned above, but you will regret it if you ignore it. Gratefulness is your magic tool to retain and maintain a positive outlook on life. It’s a well-known practice in the law of attraction to attract abundance quickly.

Being jealous and unhappy about your current situation creates more negative emotions about it in your mind. Negative emotions create an atmosphere of pessimism. Without the power and drive of optimism, you can’t move forward with inspired actions. Hence, your growth journey comes to a jolting stop.

That’s why practicing gratitude makes you appreciate the things you have and worry less about the things you lack at the moment. If you have a rich friend or relative who always shows off, then practice these gratefulness affirmations every time you feel jealous upon seeing them –

  • I am grateful for having food and shelter.
  • I am grateful for having enough money to sustain myself.
  • I am grateful for getting to see someone with so much money. Seeing that amount of wealth imbibes my vision with determination and motivates me to work more passionately towards my goal.

Gratefulness is an everyday thing. It will take at least 21 days to see the beautiful positive change this great practice brings. I have seen miracles happen in my life because I continued to practice gratitude every day. That’s why please take a notebook to write gratefulness notes every morning and night regularly. Don’t slack on it!

Tips To Look Rich On A Budget

If you want to look rich without splurging a lot of money, below is a list of simple hacks for you!

Practice Kakeibo

Kakeibo is a Japanese money-saving technique invented by Japan’s first female journalist Hani Motoko. It’s a simple pen-and-paper budgeting technique that can save you from overspending. You need to ask yourself some questions –

  • What will happen if I skip buying it?
  • What’s the value I am getting if I purchase it?
  • Can I afford it with my current finances?

Kakeibo is a great technique to cut down spending on non-essentials. You can spend money on traveling, buying future essentials and many more. By practicing kakeibo, you may not be rich like that wealthy friend or relative. Still, you will have enough money to look like a financially independent person.

Wear Confidence Over Your Clothes

High-end clothes can be fashionable to look at but they are not worth splurging tons of money. It’s not realistic to buy expensive clothes if you have other expenses to deal with.

But you don’t have to get high-end clothes to be confident. No matter what you are wearing, try to feel good about your outfit! It will do wonders for your confidence.


Many millennials overspend under peer pressure and jealousy of their rich friends. Knowing how not to be jealous of others wealth trains your mind to produce more positive and peaceful thoughts.

Thank you for sticking around till the end & have a nice day!