express gratitude

How Can I Express My Gratitude? 7 Great Ideas

express gratitude

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Whenever something good happens to your life, even for a fleeting moment, it is important to appreciate that. One of the best ways to appreciate the good things in your life is to express gratitude. But, you must be asking yourself “how can I express your gratitude?”

Gratitude is mainly an optimistic feeling towards life. It means being grateful for everything and also dwelling on the positive aspects of our existence. Moreover, we should often acknowledge and observe the blessings we frequently overlook.

Are you having a hard time expressing gratitude? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here, I’ll be showing you some easy ways to express gratitude towards your family, friends, or even a stranger.

7 Great Ways To Express Your Gratitude

Whenever anyone in your life is doing anything for you voluntarily, you should convey your appreciation. However, standard statements of gratitude may not be adequate. As an individual, who has made a significant difference in your life, it’s critical for you to discover a method of expressing gratitude that is sincere and genuine. Here are ways to express them-

Properly listen To Others

I’ve been guilty of missing out on what someone else was saying so many times because I was so focused on telling the next story. This is a typical problem that, with a little work and practice, can be easily resolved.

It demonstrates that I admire and respect them when I avoid revising my upcoming words and listen closely to them. Furthermore, demonstrated through my non-verbal cues that I’m present in their discussion. Therefore, it is something that we all need to remember.

Use Kind Words To Others

If you want to express gratitude, saying thank you in the most straightforward way is enough. Unless you have something particular to thank someone for, a few kind phrases will suffice. You never know how loving words spoken with sincerity can massively impact a troubled soul.

They can help people who are underappreciated, alone, tired, or. After all, wouldn’t you feel happier if someone told you something nice? I’m sure you will, too.

Smile At Them

Nonverbal communications are the quickest ways to express gratitude. With just an ear-to-ear grin, express your gratitude towards the person and allow yourself to spread happiness.

Your grin is contagious, both to others and to yourself. Thus, even when you’re having a bad day, remember to smile at as many people as you can; it’ll help you think about what you’re grateful for.

Involve More People In Your Plans

There’s a high possibility you will bump into a person who is often sad and hopeless. How much does it cost for you to offer that person a drink or coffee at a local diner, watch a film, or stroll with you? Not much, right?

Once you engage people in your ideas, try to show them that you care for them and appreciate their relationship. It is also a simple way to show your appreciation.

Gift A Bouquet

A colorful flower bouquet can be used to show your appreciation. These are called “Thank You” bouquets.

However, you do not need to spend a lot of money to show how much you care. Send a bouquet of fresh flowers from your garden or purchase one for a friend who deserves it. The appreciative grin on their faces will speak for themselves.

Go Public While Expressing Gratitude

If you generally show appreciation by texting or through phone calls, it’s time to try something new. Now there are various ways to show gratitude that can help your remarks sound more authentic.

These days, there are numerous methods to go far beyond a basic text message. It might be as simple as thanking a friend on social media or surprising them at work.

Try To Surprise Them With A Visit

How many times have you been approached by somebody inviting you to a get-together? If they mean what they say, pay attention to what they’re saying. It’s a subliminal request to form a bond with that person if they’ve invited you to pay them a visit.

Whether it’s just a brief visit on your way back from the office, school, or groceries, it means caring – and also that you took their invitation seriously.

What Are The Benefits Of Expressing Gratitude?

The advantages of expressing thankfulness are numerous, and they include improvements in emotional, social, career, and proper health. There are several advantages to thankfulness, however, these sections address the majority of these.

Career Benefits

Expressing gratitude at the office has already been proven to provide several advantages to all workers and managers.

Obviously, several social, psychological, and mental advantages of exercising gratitude daily may also be experienced at the workplace, although specific impacts are more noticeable throughout the day.

  • Assist us in finding purpose in our job.
  • Improve our management skills.
  • Contribute to a lower replacement rate.
  • Improving verdict and minimizing frustration.
  • Help enhance the psychological health of employees.
Social Benefits

Gratitude has a critical function in the development and maintenance of social connections. Appreciation has a social role in that it promotes bonds with people who are attentive to our likes and dislikes, wants and preferences, and therefore helps us get through tough times and thrive in good ones.

Furthermore, appreciation increases positive behavioral conduct by allowing people to sense social value and encouragement while lessening their sentiments of doubt regarding their ability to serve successfully. It’s only natural that most of these favorable consequences have a beneficial societal impact.

  • Enhance our intimate bonds.
  • Inspire others to be grateful like us.
  • Increase the quality of our connections, especially friendships.
  • In periods of crisis, develop familial bonds.
  • Improves social acceptance.
Physical Well-being

There are also indications regarding appreciation. It can enhance your overall health and assist you in controlling your feelings, strengthening your connections, and advancing in your work. Gratitude also links to your sense of self-worth. 

For example- a visit from somebody who wanted to express their appreciation might assist in improving your wellbeing. Not just that, but acknowledging your blessings can help you lower your hypertension.

  • Decrease in hypertension or blood pressure.
  • Helps to get rid of insomnia.
  • Signs of decrease in depression.
  • Boost your overall well-being.
  • Helps to become active.
Spiritual Benefits

Apart from the emotional and social advantages of appreciation, frequent exercise and generalized habits of gratefulness might have a psychological impact.

Gratitude has influenced a lot of activities in terms of improving spirituality. The benefits can be-

  • Boosting your spiritualism.
  • Makes you optimistic.
  • Let us be more generous.
  • Becoming less materialistic.
Emotional And Psychological Benefits

Gratitude is shown to have a positive influence on our feelings and mental well-being. Gratitude promotes recovery from a variety of diseases and disorders, in addition to enhancing overall health.

Whether it is a drug misuse problem or a medical condition, expressing gratitude may be able to aid individuals who are struggling to regain control of their lives and get better. Showing gratitude can-

  • Improve your mental health.
  • Boost your optimistic feelings.
  • Higher self-esteem.
  • Reduces depression and makes you happier.
  • Decrease in suicidal thoughts.


To wrap it all up, always keep in mind that you should practice gratitude as much as possible in your life. How a small gesture of appreciation may affect our lives is beyond our imagination. But, to say the least, it will change your life for the better, no doubt about that.

I hope this article on how can I express gratitude covered everything you needed to know. Thanks for sticking around till the end!