Does Manifestation Work

Does Manifestation Work? Solved!

Does Manifestation Work

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Due to the popularity of the law of attraction, there are many people looking for answers regarding manifestation, it’s methods and how effective it is, and there are also people who question whether manifestation is real so in this post we are going to answer the question does manifestation work?

By its definition manifestation is to bring something into reality that wasn’t present before, so yes it does work. Just look around you, everything you see has at some point been manifested into psychical reality. The bed you sleep in, the shoes you wear, the car you drive, they all originally started as just idea in someone’s mind, that has now been manifested into reality.

In nature, the grass, trees, ocean, stars, and anything else you can think of all had to manifest from somewhere originally, without manifestation there would nothing.

Take a minute to have a look around you now and everything you see had to have manifested at one point to be there.

So yes, manifestation does work, the question is can we control what’s manifested into our lives, or reality and if so how.

How does manifestation work?

The fact is you are manifesting all the time whether you realise it or not.

This happens by the thoughts you make and actions you take daily.

If you are going about feeling negative and expecting bad things and situations then that’s the frequency you are putting out to the universe, and as the law of attraction stateslike attracts like”, so you are going to manifest more of this into your reality until you change your thoughts to more positive ones.

Remember whatever you pay attention to you will get more of, whether you want it or not, so if you are dwelling on negative events, feelings, or situations then you run the risk of attracting more of those into your life.

To prevent this, you need a process that doesn’t leave things to chance, and will allow you to manifest things into your life that you truly want rather than the things you don’t, and that’s where intentional manifestation comes in to play, which we will look at now.

How to start manifesting?

Here’s how you can incorporate manifestation into your life:

1. State your intention

Make a clear, defined statement that you’re going to make your intention happen.

You can’t just say in a vague way “I want more money” because then the universe won’t know what you really want. So instead of saying “I want more money” say something like “I intend to make $5000 a month from my writing within the next 3 months.”

2. Visualize your desire

This is where you imagine what it’s going to be like to have your desire fulfilled. For instance, if you want a new house, then vividly imagine in as much detail as possible what the house will look like and where it will be located. For example, will it be located on a beach front, in a city or perhaps in the countryside. How many bedrooms would it have, how will it be decorated, will it have a garden, plus anything else you can think of, the more detailed you can be the better.

If you struggle with visualisation then creating a vision board is a great idea. Vision boards are group of images and words used to help you see what you want to manifest, you can use your own or cut out pictures from magazines of things that you want to call into your life and make a collage of them.

3. Feel the feeling of what you want to manifest

When it comes to manifestation and the law of attraction, to have the quickest and best results you need to try your best to really feel what it would be like to have the things you are trying to manifest. This is a super important part of the process, as the universe may not manifest things you want if your feelings are not alignment with them, so feel it as intensely as you can.

4. Feel good about it

Sticking with feelings here, you also want to make sure you feel good about what you want to manifest, and don’t have mixed feelings about it, because if you are even a little bit unsure, that can send mixed messages to the universe and in may never manifest. So, make sure you feel really good about it!

5. Have faith and expectation

If you don’t have faith that the universe is going to manifest your desire, it’s probably not going to happen. Another way to say this is expect it to happen. The power of expectation in manifestation is super powerful, so use it and be in no doubt whatsoever that your manifestation is on its way.

6. Be patient

Sometimes manifestation can happen instantly, but it may not always be the case so have the patience that it could take a while, in fact if you want to manifest a specific job you may have to be prepared to be patient for several months until the job comes along. 

7. Take action

Taking action is the final step, now you have made your intention, visualized what your desire looks like, feel good about it, and have faith in it, now it’s time to take action and make it happen. You can do this by taking the steps you need to make your desire happen, if your desire is to make money out of writing, start writing! If you want something in your life you need to act on that, you can’t sit around and wait for it to happen.

The way manifestation works is you send a message out to the universe using the action steps outlined above, with what you would like to manifest and then the universe will start to bring people, situations and circumstances into your life that will allow you make your manifestation a reality, but you can’t just sit there and do nothing you must be actively looking for any signs from the universe that will help you achieve what you are trying to manifest, and then make sure you act on them.

Let’s say for example that you are trying to manifest something like writing a bestselling book, one of the signs the universe might give you to let you know it is working on your manifestation is by providing you with opportunities to write, perhaps by getting you to write an article for a magazine, or getting you an interview, anything that helps you write.

When you experience these signs from the universe, you must act on them, as these are your opportunities to manifest, it is only when you act that your manifestation is going to become a reality. So don’t sit back and ignore the opportunities and signs from the universe, act on them and you will see your manifestation become a reality.

Is manifesting a sin?

Now that we have covered the question does manifestation work and how to perform it in an intentional way, it does beggar the question is it wrong to manifest or is manifesting a sin?

I have covered this in full in this article, but the short answer is no, I don’t believe manifestation is sinful as when performed correctly it can be used to create good in the world, not only for the person practicing it, but for the benefit of world as a whole. It’s true that unscrupulous people can try to use manifestation in a sinful and evil way but the act of manifestation itself it not evil or sinful, just like any other tool it’s the intent behind how it’s used that counts.

In summary

Does manifestation work? Yes, it does, it is a great way of bringing into your life what you want, whether that’s money, a new house, a new job or something else. It can be easy to undervalue the power of this natural law, but it’s amazing what you can manifest with the right know-how and intention. Intentional manifestation can be a powerful method to bring what you want into your life, and I hope this article has shown you that.