Crystals That Attract Money

Stones For Prosperity: Crystals That Attract Money

Crystals That Attract Money

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You work hard every day, yet you fail to achieve financial success. You may accuse your luck and feel frustrated. Thus, you need to attract good luck and positive energy to achieve your financial success and dreams. You can use Crystals that attract money to help you to manifest the energy to bring abundance and prosperity to your life. 

There are many crystals and gemstones that attract money by increasing your self-esteem and focus. Some of the best crystals to attract wealth are Citrine, pyrite, Green Jade, Tiger’s eye, clear quartz, and malachite. 

In this article, you will learn about the best money attracting crystals that can help you solve your financial problems. Before that, let us know how crystals work to improve our luck and in turn our life.  

How Do Crystals Work?

Everything in this world, even the human body, is made of energy. When our energy vibrates at a low frequency, we feel down, sad, frustrated, and depressed. Negative energy can cause emotional, energetic, and spiritual blockages. On the other hand, we feel happy, confident, and empowered. Hence, we attract more positivity in our life. 

Our body attracts the surrounding energy. If you feel negative emotions, you must surround yourself with positive energy to improve your spiritual vibration. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find positive people around us. 

In such cases, crystals can provide us with the constant positive energy that we need every day. Many crystals and gemstones emit energy that can remove our spiritual and energetic blockages. They elevate our energy vibration. So, by keeping these crystals close to us, we can eventually match our energy with theirs. 

Some of these crystals attract abundance in your life. Using the crystals, you will feel emotionally balanced. You will grow your self-confidence to make better business decisions and thus improve your financial condition.

12 Crystals for Attracting Money

Here are some of the best crystals that can bring more money into your life. All these crystals have unique personalities and vibrations. You should go for the crystals that resonate with you the most. 

1. Citrine 
  • Color: Yellow to Yellowish Brown/ Smokey gray-brown
  • Appearance: Transparent crystals, all sizes. Often geode pointed, or cluster. 
  • Source: Brazil, France, Russia, Madagascar, United States, and Britain 
  • Chakra: Solar Plexus and Crown Chakra 

Citrine is one of the first crystals on our list for attracting success and abundance. It is also known as ‘The Merchant’s Stone” because it brings growth in business. The stone not only attracts money, but it also influences you to keep it. 

This yellow stone attracts happiness, success, and all the good things in life. It also makes you generous. Hence, you will love to share your wealth with others. This crystal removes gloom and negativity to make you feel more confident. 

It activates creativity and self-expressionism. So, it works best for people who want to earn money by doing what makes them happy. 

How to Use Citrine?

Citrine is associated with the Solar Plexus chakra. It is highly effective when you meditate, keeping it close to your Solar Plexus. It needs charging. You should rub them with your hands before using them. To attract wealth, you can place the crystal on your desk at the workplace. 

2. Pyrite 
  • Color: Yellow/Gold or Brownish 
  • Appearance: Metallic, Cubic, small to medium
  • Source: Britain, North America, Chile, Peru
  • Chakra: Solar Plexus

Pyrite, also known as fool’s gold, has been always known as the good luck charm for good luck and prosperity. It brings success to business and the workplace. You may have been waiting for a great deal or a promotion at work. Pyrite can give you the strength and willpower to achieve your ambitions. 

Pyrite is a very positive crystal. It eliminates the feelings of self-doubt and makes you aware of your potential. It stimulates new ideas in your mind, which helps to plan new business concepts. Besides, it clears your mind to make the right decisions. 

How to Use Pyrite?

Place some pyrite crystals in your office, workplace, studios, or any other spot where you work. Put them on your desk so you can see them. The crystal also prevents bad luck. Hence, you can place some stones in the entry of your home or workplace to avoid a bad influence on business. 

3. Green Jade 
  • Color: Green, Blue-Green
  • Appearance: Translucent, has a soapy feel. All sizes
  • Source: USA, Italy, China, Myanmar, Middle East, Russia
  • Chakra: Heart

The Chinese have been using green jade stones since ancient times. The stones are popular for bestowing wealth and good fortune. It keeps you calm when you are facing challenges in your business. It has a soothing ability on your mind. Therefore, you will avoid making impulsive decisions in business. 

When you have a clear mind, you make better decisions. You lose less money and earn more. Also, the stone’s green color attracts good luck. So, you will have more business opportunities. 

How to Use Green Jade?

Green jades stones have a quieter vibration compared to many other crystals of abundance. You can place them in the bedroom for a calming effect. Since it is associated with the heart chakra, I suggest keeping the stone close to the heart. You can wear the stone as a locket or pendant. 

4. Green Aventurine
  • Color: Green
  • Appearance: Opaque, dotted with shiny particles, all sizes, often tumbled
  • Source: Brazil, Italy, China, India, Tibet, Russia, Nepal
  • Chakra: Heart

Tired of waiting for the big opportunities in your life? Green aventurine can get you the big break you have been waiting for. It will cleanse the negative energy that has been blocking new money-making opportunities coming your way. It makes you aware of your actions and habits responsible for your misfortune so that you can change them. 

The stone calms your mind, stimulates new perceptions, and enhances creativity. You can then have new ideas for business and handle challenges calmly. The stone is not limited to bringing just money, it also attracts freedom, love, and confidence. It helps you connect with your inner desires and turn them into reality. 

How to Use Green Aventurine?

Green Aventurines are light stones. You can keep it in your chest pocket or inside your wallet to carry wherever you go. At home or the workplace, place the stone in a drawer or cash box with your money. 

5. Clear Quartz
  • Color: Clear or white
  • Appearance: long, pointed, transparent, often clustered, all sizes. 
  • Source: China, Brazil, Colombia, Madagascar, Republic of South Africa, Russia, USA, Tibet.
  • Chakras: Crown 

Clear Quart is one of the most popular crystals all around the world. Like its transparent color, it clears your head of all kinds of negative thoughts. With the newly found clarity, you will understand which choices can bring you prosperity in business. 

The crystal is a powerful amplifier. It helps you find your true purpose in both your personal and professional life. When you find your true intentions, the crystal will enable you to achieve your dreams.

How to Use Clear Quartz?

To use the energy of clear quartz for attracting money, you can meditate holding the stone in your left hand. Close your eyes and try to visualize the actions that will bring more wealth to your life. When you have a fixed goal, the crystal will guide you to the right path. 

As I have mentioned before, clear quartz is an amplifier. So, you may place it with other crystals and gems of property and fortune to elevate their energy. 

6. Tiger’s Eye 
  • Color: Brown to Yellow, Blue, Pink, Red
  • Appearance: Slightly shiny, lined, often small, and tumbled.
  • Source: USA, Mexico, Australia, India, South Africa
  • Chakra: Solar Plexus, Root

Tiger’s eye is the stone of good luck. It will bring new opportunities for making money and ground that money. It enhances your decision-making process so that you can make the right choices at the right moment. 

The stone has the energy of both the sun and the earth. Hence, it has grounded vibration. You will learn to consider the risks and consequences of your actions. The stone shows you exactly how much you need. Therefore, you will not be greedy for too much wealth. 

Tiger’s eye is often compared to the third eye. Your scattered mind will become coherent. Then you can solve the internal conflicts that are stopping you from prosperity. 

How to Use Tiger’s Eye?

Keep the stone close to your solar plexus when you meditate. It will help you have more spiritual grounding. At times of making important choices for business, wear the tiger’s eye on your wrist or neck as jewelry. People also write in their journals about business goals while holding a tiger’s eye. 

7. Malachite 
  • Color: Green
  • Appearance: Concentric light and dark stripes and emblems. All sizes, often polished or tumbled. 
  • Source: Romania, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Middle East, Russia. 
  • Chakra: Heart and Throat 

You have been playing it safe in business. Yet, you could not make money out of it. So, now you want to take some risks. Malachite, the stone of transformation, can transform your attitude. You will have more courage to face new challenges to make more money. 

Business often requires some risky choices. You know it but may lack the inner strength to take the leap of faith. Malachite will show you what is blocking your path to success and encourage risk-taking. It will also teach how to take responsibility for your actions, thoughts, and feelings. It increases self-confidence, which is important for business. 

How to Use Malachite?

Malachite is a very powerful stone. It can attract both positive and negative energy. So, it is essential to stay calm when you use the stone. Wear it on your left hand or close to your heart as a pendant. Then talk to yourself about what choices you need to make more money in your life. The stone will influence you to make the right choice, no matter how risky it is. 

8. Amazonite 
  • Color: Green, Blue. 
  • Appearance: Opalescent with veins, different sizes, sometimes tumbled.
  • Source: USA, Russia, Canada, Brazil, India, Mozambique, Australia, Namibia.
  • Chakra: Heart and Throat 

Amazonite is a problem-solving stone. The river amazon, amazonite brings the flow of harmony in your life so that you can solve your money-related problems. Those who struggle with changing their mindset should use the stone for inspiration. 

It calms your brain and nervous system and aligns your body and mind. Thus, you become mentally and physically ready for changes in your workplace. 

The stone gives you positive energy to stay mentally strong in difficult situations. You can build a strong work ethic and work hard to succeed. Amazonite is extremely useful when you want to solve conflicts with your business partners. Using it will help you have good relationships in your workplace. 

How to Use Amazonite?

Amazonite is related to the heart and throat chakra. You can wear the stone close to your heart to bring more positive energy and fortune to your business. It can also be placed on the work desk to improve focus on work. 

9. Emerald and Ruby
  • Color: Green with gold hints
  • Appearance: Bright gemstone or cloudy crystal. Small or Large.
  • Source: India, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Egypt, Austria
  • Chakra: Heart

Emerald opens your mind to abundance and possibility. On the other hand, ruby keeps you on the ground. Use both stones together for effective results for new business deals.  

While emerald keeps you optimistic, ruby will remind you to make the right decisions based on previous experience. So, you will make no reckless choice and lose your money. Instead, you can make the right choice and bring more cash. 

How to Use Emerald?

Wear emerald on your little finger or ring finger. People also use it as a locket or on the arm. You can also use the ruby as a ring and the emerald as a locket. It becomes too expensive for you, keep small rubies and emeralds in your wallet. Seeing the gems will make you feel wealthy, which will attract more wealth. 

10. Selenite 
  • Color: Clear/ Pure White, Orange, Blue, Brown, Green
  • Appearance: Translucent or coarse. All sizes.
  • Source: USA, Russia, Mexico, Austria, Greece, Oland, Germany France, England.
  • Chakra: Crown

Selenite clears your mind and boosts your mind with positive energy. It is crucial to have a calm mind to make business decisions. The crystal protects your mind from negative thoughts and fear. Hence, it gives your mind more room to think of innovative ideas for business and money-making. 

The crystal also promotes connection with your business partners and employees. A good relationship in business is essential for having wealth and prosperity. 

How to Use Selenite?

Hold selenite while you are meditating or writing in your journal. Or place it around different corners of your house and workplace to cleanse negative energy. 

11. Peridot 
  • Color: Olive green, Yellowish green, red, honey, brownish
  • Appearance: Opaque, clear after polish. Small sizes.
  • Source: USA, Brazil, Egypt, Ireland, Russia, Sri Lanka, Canary Islands
  • Chakra: Heart and Solar Plexus

Peridot is a powerful cleansing stone. It gets rid of the guilt of the past failures in your business and removes the fear of the future. The crystal shows you how to come out of others’ influence and make your own decisions. 

Peridot helps you move forward with your business rapidly. This visionary crystal helps to find your true goals and purpose in your personal and professional life. Motivating growth, the stone changes your thinking process. This new mindset will definitely influence your financial growth. 

How to Use Peridot?

Use peridot when you are meditating. Place it near your heart or solar plexus region. This will clear your mind from past failures and prepare you for taking on future financial challenges.

12. Yellow Sapphire 
  • Color: Yellowish/golden
  • Appearance: Trabecular prismaticcrystals with hexagonal double pyramids. 
  • Sources: Sri Lanka, Australia, Madagascar, Thailand, Tanzania. 
  • Astrological Associations: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra. 
  • Chakra: Solar Plexus

Our list of money-attracting crystals cannot be complete without mentioning Yellow Sapphire. It attracts wealth in your life like a magnet. It will heal your mind with positive energy, and you will have great ideas to improve your business. Thus, it increases prosperity and earning. 

The gem stimulates your brain and improves your focus. You can turn your dreams into physical form. It will keep your mind active and encourage you to have more wealth in life. 

How to Use Yellow Sapphire?

Yellow Sapphires are beautiful and radiate energy like the sun. If you want to use the crystal, make sure it touches your body. You can use it as a ring on your index finger. 

Tips On Using Money Attracting Crystals

Having the crystals of abundance and money at your procession does not mean they will bring you instant prosperity. They amplify your thoughts and actions. You also have to know how to use them properly. 

Here are some tips to use money attracting crystals:

  • Put the crystals or gemstones in the right place, so they attract money, like a wallet, purse, money box, safe, work desk. The crystals also make excellent jewelry. 
  • Place them in the left corner of your home and office. The corner is known as the wealth corner. 
  • Keep the crystals under your pillow or mattress to generate money-making ideas in your sleep.
  • Mediate wearing or holding the crystals in your hand or related chakras. 
  • Some crystals need to be cleansed as they absorb negative energy. So, clean them regularly. 


If you want to improve your financial status, these crystals that attract money will show you the path. But remember, they will not magically bring money. You must have the desire to change.

Only then the crystals can help you change your mindset and boost your confidence to become wealthy.