Best Essential Oils for Happiness

8 Best Essential Oils for Happiness

Best Essential Oils for Happiness

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Happiness is a virtue and it doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes big things may lead to happiness, or at times even the littlest thing can make your dopamine level go up. Hence, a lot of you have turned to essential oils to uplift your moods and many of you ponder about the best essential oils for happiness that are available on the market.

Lavender oil takes the throne for being the best type of mood-lifting essential oil. Lavender not only boasts essential mood-boosting elements but also promotes relaxation and good sleep. The smell and calming sensation of lavender also relieve symptoms of anxiety.

A lot of you may feel hypersensitive or allergic to lavenders and such. Hence, I have gone out of my way to list down a total of 8 essential oils that serve the holy purpose of creating a happy environment. Thus, I urge you to keep reading this article till the end so that you can get a solid idea of which oils perfectly fit your agendas!

8 Best Essential Oils for Happiness

Essential oils can help you smile with the therapeutic aroma. Presents smells help you relax and increase dopamine levels. That can greatly improve your mood and make you happy. Keep reading to check out some of my personal favorites. 

1. Lavender Oil

There is a good reason why Lavender has a strong heritage and gets recommended so often by skin-care specialists and psychiatrists. For almost two thousand years, Lavender has been a prominent choice for making perfumes. Even the earlier civilizations have accounts of using lavender in their day-to-day activities.

Although lavender essential oil is commonly used for relaxing, it also has a strong uplifting impact that increases your mood. It alleviates anxiety and makes you feel calmer and more relaxed. It also improves your sleep, and we all know how much sleep we all require after a tough day at work

Life can be challenging at times, but a little scent of lavender oil can surely spell the difference. As an added plus we all know how health is said to be the biggest form of wealth, in this case, lavender essential oils improve your immune system, giving you an extra boost to get rid of that cold or even serve as means of primary prevention. Hence, stay healthy, stay happy! There are also many other sorts of health benefits that come with Lavender Oils.

Lavender Oil can be used in various ways to induce happy chemicals in your system. If you want to get a more profound idea of how you can use Lavender Oil for this purpose, read the following.

  • While taking a bath, add five to six drops of lavender oil into your bathtub. Soak in the water for a while, this will eliminate all forms of stress and also provide a soft touch to your skin.
  • A good and short sniff of lavender straight from the bottle can provide an immediate sense of sereness and calmness.
  • You can always use lavender perfume to go out to a special event and boost your confidence.
  • Before you sleep, put two to three drops of lavender oil into your diffuser. The aroma of lavender will relax your mind and body, allowing you to sleep more peacefully.
2. Jasmine Oil

The scent aspect of jasmine is particularly popular in the world of fragrances. Aside from its pleasant aroma, scientists have discovered that jasmine has a soothing impact on anxiety, tension, and unsolicited hostility.

Jasmine also harbors a sense of well-being and contentment. It provides you with a much more energizing and passionate feeling than other entries on the list.

Jasmine Essential Oil is produced from the Jasmine flower due to its various provided benefits. It also flexes its ability to create a relaxing impact on both the mind and the body, hence effectively relieving sadness and anxiety.

In terms of mental health, it helps to boost your mood by instilling positive energy in you. It has an appealing floral smell that gives you a sensation of pleasure and joy while boosting your energy and increasing your level of confidence and motivation. It provides a slight sedative effect, which promotes restful sleep. Let’s take a look at how you can use it.

  • A good whiff straight out from your lovely Jasmine bottle will keep your mind in its calmest state. Just do not overdo it or too frequently!
  • Everyone around you and yourself included will love to smell jasmine from time to time. Thus, make sure to order a jasmine perfume before a big day!
  • Anxiety and stress can be reduced by dabbing jasmine oil on your wrists.
3. Bergamot Oil

This oil is also considered to be a citrus oil specialized for the elevation of one’s mood. Citrus oil is renowned for its mood-lifting abilities in general but what makes bergamot stand out is that they truly eradicate all signs of your gloomy sensations that are caused by stress, worried thoughts, or sadness.

For example, we all know how inescapable workplace stress is, yet bergamot oil finds a way to even relieve a hard day of work better than any other! Bergamot oil does this by decreasing the quantity of cortisol (a stress hormone) in the body that lessens anxiety.

Many studies and data show that bergamot is an excellent agent for eliminating anxiety in animals and mental health patients.

Using bergamot essential oil will also reduce your blood pressure and heart rate and make you feel a more relaxed mood. Bergamot also aids in the reduction of mental and physical weariness, allowing you and those around you to be more effective and productive. Here is the best way of using Bergamot oil:

As you work or before you sleep, add two to three drops of bergamot oil to your diffuser. The bergamot will assist you in being calm, clear, and productive. In case you don’t have one, you can always dab some bergamot oil on your wrists! You may also mix it with a carrier oil and use it as a body lotion to massage yourself.

Disclaimer: If you are expecting a delivery soon, be sure to stay away from bergamot oil! As it may cause premature contractions.

4. Frankincense

Frankincense oil has a rich history of being a supplier of spiritual blessings. Believing in something larger than yourself broadens your viewpoint and gives you a feeling of perspective. That is why this oil is most commonly used in purifications or exorcisms. It is also quite demanding by meditators.

Furthermore, spiritual research may assist you in discovering your mission, which adds more joy and significance to your everyday work. While there hasn’t been much study on its mood-boosting qualities, reports show that it shows quite the efficacy when used as aromatherapy to relieve the anxiety for women giving birth.

Frankincense has an active component that produces warmth. Thus, science claims that frankincense helps with emotions by soothing and sedating the nerve system via chemicals known as aldehydes and esters. As a result, it may relieve anxiety caused by inflammation, infections, and other causes.”

Meditation or spiritually fulfilling activities are highly complimented by the presence of this oil’s Aura. Thus do the following to reap the benefits of this oil.

  • During spiritual activities or meditation, apply it to the chest, temples, or neck.
  • For women, massage frankincense with a carrier oil into the soles of their feet for mental clarity, anxiety relief, and hormone balance.
5. Rose Oil

Who says Roses are only popular for their petals and thorns?

Rose smell is also widely recognized for evoking sentiments of romance and adventure. If you’re feeling stressed or sad, a whiff of roses can help. This is why many people like to keep roses in their kitchen, workplace, and dinner tables.

For many years, rose oil has long been used to treat sadness and anxiety. The aroma of roses increases your self-esteem, making you more confident and attractive. It boosts the libido and provides a sense of happiness, which is a plus point for lovebirds who actively practice rose giving to their partners.

These oils will surely help elevate your mood for the better. So, let’s take a look at how you can effectively use rose oil:

  • To enhance a sense of romance and adventure in your room during intimate moments be sure to add three to five drops of rose oil to your diffuser.
  • To ease tension, apply rose oil to the back of the neck.
  • A short sniff of rose oil straight from the bottle will enhance your confidence instantaneously and make you feel more attractive.
6. Lime Oil

If you’re feeling sad, lemon essential oil might help lift your spirits beyond your initial expectations.

Breathing in this essential oil, which is made from the peel of fresh lemons, can rapidly do other wonders as well. Since it can also raise energy levels, this is the oil to use if you are feeling tired or run down. Lemon oil is also known to boost attention levels and calmness during work or in stressful environments.

On the other hand, Lemon oil is well-known for its antibacterial and antifungal characteristics, as it may help clear the mind and make you feel clear and attentive. Lemon oil also genuinely improves your mood and I can’t stress it enough, scientifically lemon oil is known to increase your serotonin and dopamine levels.

Serotonin regulates your mood and helps you avoid depression. The increase in serotonin feels like a genuine ray of sunlight – like the high you experience after a nice run.

Dopamine increases help you feel more intellectually aware. It increases your focus and disposition. This makes it easy to do your activities and engage with others.

These two chemicals have a direct impact on your overall pleasure levels. People almost fight their whole lives trying to keep these two chemical levels stable. However, you can do just that by using lemon oil! There are two major ways to use lime oil to induce happiness:

  • Use it in a diffuser or conjunction with a carrier oil.
  • Add Fill your diffuser with two to three drops of lemon oil. Not only will the room smell nice, but it will also make the individuals within more alert and happier.
7. Clary Sage

Clary Sage is an essential oil derived from the buds and leaves of the genus known as Salvia sclarea. Though it is most frequently extracted as a tea, it is also associated as a remedy for eye healing and providing relief for uncomfortable menstruation symptoms. Not only is the smell pleasant, but it is also beneficial to your mood.

Many people are also strongly drawn towards its aroma. The fragrance not only amuses them but brings in a sense of positive aura surrounding them. Truly one of the best bearers of happy chemicals!

However, clary sage also offers tremendous emotional advantages that include stress reduction and acting as a natural antidepressant. Inhaling clary sage will further amplify the serotonin receptors in your body. Research suggested that that individual felt calmer and had lower systolic blood pressure after inhaling clary sage.

There are several ways to use clary sage for inducing happiness inside you. Here are some of the popular ways:

  • You may use the oil as a room spray by shaking it in water. Just give the bottle a quick shake while spraying from time to time. Couches, beds, mattresses, sofas any place can be sprayed to reap off from the happy chemicals of this Essential Oil.
  • For instant relaxation during hectic moments simply inhale the smell deeply. Always keep a small bottle of Clary Sage Oil with you at all times.
  • You may also mix about 3 drops of Clary Sage with Jasmine oil to accompany you with pleasant smells during bathing sessions.

Disclaimer: Refrain from directly applying essential oils to your skin. Instead, vouch for massage oil, mix about five drops with an ounce of carrier oil. After mixing, apply this amplified combination to your skin as you normally would. Put extra focus on the pulse points behind your wrists and temples to get maximum relaxation.

8. Orange Oil

Bergamot and Lime oil weren’t the only citrus-based oil on our list. Orange didn’t hold back from securing a spot on my list thanks to its aroma, healthy benefits, and mood-lifting capabilities.

Orange oil is derived from the rind of oranges, which is orange in color and has a fresh, unique citrus-ish aroma.

What stands this oil out from others is its ability to promote energy and improve mood. It is an excellent anti-depressant oil, lowering stress, and anxiety. Its enticing perfume helps you to feel refreshed and energetic, as well as to stimulate pleasant thoughts, resulting in a sense of contentment and joy.

I’m a big advocate of utilizing citrus oils to improve your mood. The invigorating scent can make your mind feel more invigorated and put a spring in your stride. When the perfume of sweet orange is breathed, it has been demonstrated to have antidepressant properties. As an extra plus, the sweet orange’s delicate scent works particularly well in mixes.

Here are some of the proper ways to use orange oil to induce positive emotions and become happier:

  • If you want to feel energetic first thing in the morning, add a few drops of Wild Orange essential oil to your body wash for an exhilarating shower. The orange aroma will keep you feeling fresh and confident.
  • You may also just add a drop of Orange to a glass of water every day to enhance taste and boost overall wellness. If you want, might as well blend a whole orange and drink it before you start your day!
  • You can even use orange essential oil to create a natural lip balm with a delightful flavor. If you don’t want the hassle of dealing with DIYS, then you can simply buy an essential oil orange-flavored lip balm.
  • Since oranges have a sweet and relaxing scent, they also make for good perfumes. Orange perfume not only cleanses the air but stimulates and invigorates an uplifting environment. Thus, they can be used within the comforts of your home or even as an air filter in your car.


Essential oils are scientifically proven to enhance your mood and have a ton of other health benefits as well. So, if you are feeling low or just stressed after a long day’s work, feel free to use some alongside a nice long bubbly and warm bath. And you can bet that all of your anxiety and stress will just wash away. 

If you are confused about which essential oil to pick, I hope this article on the best essential oils for happiness was able to help you out in that regard.If you have found the right kind of essential oil for you then be sure to share this article and help your friends and family reap their benefits as well. Thanks for tuning in and have a great day.